The Evolution of Flashlights During the last 5 years

Published 8 years ago

We all know that today’s flashlights are an advanced piece of technology but were they always so ahead of its time like they are now in 2016. Flashlights have been around for a while on the open market and they always had the same concept where they were seen as simple lights that can light up your way to the bathroom. Today everything is change and so is the image for a flashlight, today’s flashlight are no longer seen as just simple light but as multi-functional tool that can be very helpful in any given situation where a flashlight is required and even more.

In this post you will see just how flashlight have evolved during the last 5 years from 2011 to 2016 where they have reached their maximum. All of the content from this post is pre-researched and confirmed by many high authority flashlight oriented websites including which is the largest informational provider for flashlights.

2011 – The year where everything started

This was the year where flashlights started to go into a different direction. Instead of being just simple lights many flashlight companies added more lumen power to its flashlights so that the flashlights can transform into something bigger and more powerful. At that time the flashlight with the largest lumen power had about 150 lumens which for that time was unbelievable and people where amazed by their high brightness capacity.

2012 -The release of tactical flashlights

Since the primary use for flashlights is for any kind of outdoor activities one flashlight company decided to manufacture the ultimate flashlights for outdoor activities. As you may know those flashlights were called and still are called tactical flashlights. The advantage that tactical flashlights had over every other regular flashlight was in it featured modes. For the first time in the flashlight history a flashlight had featured modes which at that time weren’t as advanced as they are now but still for that time it was something amazing.

2013 – The release of led flashlights

When the led flashlights came out on the open market the interested for flashlights among consumers raised for 10% in just several months form their release. The led flashlights are a perfect combination between a tactical flashlight and a flashlight that had a large lumen capacity. On the led flashlights the focused mode that were on the tactical flashlights were updated with several new featured modes but the largest advantage that led flashlights had over regular flashlight was in their lumen capacity. The led flashlights were the first flashlights that past the line of more than 200 lumens on a flashlight.

2014 – Things are starting to change

By this time many people got interested in flashlights because of the release of led flashlights they saw that flashlights are more than just simple lights. As the interest raised so did the flashlight manufactures started to produce more and more powerful flashlights in this year. The performances of the flashlights were drastically increased and back then the strongest flashlight had a lumen capacity of 500 lumens.

2015 – Everything is changed

If you are following flashlight trend then you probably know that this was the year where everything changed for flashlight technology. In the year the biggest problem in the flashlight industry was solved and that problem was in the flashlight hardware concept. After the revolutionary hardware change the open market got the ultimate flashlights like: “Lumitact G700 tactical led flashlight“, Shadowhawk X800 military flashlight” and Lumify X9 tactical military flashlight. After the release of these flashlight models the flashlight market has never been the same.

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