How Reiki Healing can help restore your health?

Published 8 years ago

Reiki Healing is a form of energy healing therapy that aims to cure the patient by channelizing the energy through touch. Reiki activates the body’s natural healing powers to restore the patient’s health back to normal. A Reiki healing course administered by a therapist should help in strengthening the overall well being of the patient by way of restoring his emotional as well as physical health.

If you have recently recovered from an injury, underwent a surgery, are suffering from fatigue or stress, or are in pain, then a Reiki Healing course Delhi should help you tremendously in dealing with all the above issues. Before you book a Reiki Healing course at a dedicated energy healing centre, let’s take a comprehensive review of how this energy healing therapy can benefit you by bringing your mind and body at oneness with the nature through healings with God!

What is the source of Reiki healing energy?

Reiki is a form of subtle energy that finds its origins in the Higher Power. The therapist is able to channelize this energy from the source through their touch to the body of the patient. This is the general perspective of Reiki energy.

In reality, Reiki energy is the energy present in all of us. The infinite source of this healing energy is transcendental and its source cannot be found. An expert therapist is able to utilize this source to balance the energy flow in our body. This benefits us with improved health- both mental as well as physical. The results are anxiety alleviation, pain reduction, regained health, and inculcation of peace in mind.

How is a Reiki healing therapy administered?

A standard Reiki healing course Delhi should be administered by the hands of an expert Reiki therapist. As a patient you will have to lie down on a comfortable massage table so that the practitioner can conveniently give you the treatment through the touch of his hands. If required, you can also take the treatment while seated or standing. You will remain fully clothed.

The common touch points that the therapist will use to balance the flow of energy in your body include head, stomach, feet, and shoulders. Other specific points can be chosen as per the treatment required.

Each touch on specific points shall be held for about 5 to 10 minutes, dependent on the amount of Reiki energy required by the area. A full session should last for about 1 hour or a little more.

How you experience the Reiki session will vary. But generally, a state of deep relaxation will be experienced by the patient during a Reiki session at a Reiki healing centre in Delhi. You may also witness the glow of energy flowing through the various parts of your body. As the session proceeds, you will start feeling all the stress and anxiety drifting away and bringing you into a state of deep relaxation or even sleep. At the end of the session you will feel invigorated with a positive outlook towards life.

When should you go for a Reiki healing course?

Consider opting for a Reiki course at a healing centre in Delhi if you are suffering from any illness of the mind or body. Whether it is a minor physical malady like cold, flu, or a minor mental issue like everyday stress, a Reiki session should help you glide over these problems smoothly.

Reiki sessions have also been helpful in restoring back the health of patients who were suffering from serious diseases such as cancer, heart problems, etc. The energy healing sessions even helped in eliminating the side effects caused by conventional medicines. By keeping the patients in positive spirits through those difficult times, Reiki sessions have helped them in recovering to their fullest.

Thus, anyone looking for a holistic healing of the mind should consider going for Reiki healing course at a trusted healing centre in Delhi.

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