How To Choose The Right Cut Protection Glove For Your Job

Published 8 years ago

When we talk about industries and labor jobs, the safety and protection automatically becomes our primary concern. Various industries rely on machines, harsh tools and equipments for the production and construction purposes. The industrial worker has to go through all these conditions on daily basis. Although precautions can be taken but there exist the situations wherein only a protective gear can prevent accidents and damage.

Human skin is vulnerable to various environmental hazards like chemicals, sharp tools and construction impacts. Cut protection gloves prevent the sharp tools to penetrate through it in the event of an accident. Cut protection gloves vary with the level of protection they offer. There are several industries like construction industries where cut protection gloves are not required, instead an impact glove serves the purpose. For different industries, the different cut protection level is recommended. Let’s understand various glove types so that you choose the right one for your industrial job.

Impact Protection Gloves

These are meant for resisting harsh vibrations and providing strong hand grips that can easily hold and sustain various tool’s impact during the work. Construction and drilling jobs demand a good adjustment with heavy equipments for hours. In an unexpected accident, the impact gloves can easily absorb the impact caused by the heavy substance and protects the skin and knuckles. The professionals highly recommended it if you work in such industries. These gloves are constructed using high grain leather, polyurethane and foam padding that make them very rigid and suitable for industrial usage. Modern technologies such as zoombang is focussed on manufacturing the impact gloves that get stiff on applying the pressures and thus protect hands against injuries.

Cut Protection Gloves

As the name suggests, they provide protection against the accidents caused by sharp objects such as mechanical knives, chain saw and metal shredders. The time period in which they tend to tear the glove surface, your reflexes play the role and save the hands. Cut protection gloves also offer resistance against hard impacts and abrasion.

The palm area is reinforced with multiple layers of protective material while other areas are equally protected using materials like dyneema and kevlar. The polyurethane is additionally used to provide a layer of resistance. The protection level goes from 0-5 with 5 being the super rigid material.

The choice of glove completely depends on your working environment. Individuals working in auto, assembling and construction industries often work with level 2 to level 3. While it is good to choose the highest level of protection as that of level 3 to level 5, the cost does go up with it. However, you should never compromise on additional safety even if you have to pay some more for it. Cut protection gloves are comfortable, flexible and protective at the same time.

Multi Tasking Gloves

Dexterity cannot be compromised on the name of protection and here, the multi purpose gloves are used to take care of even the sensitive jobs in the industries. There are some industrial jobs where the task demands sensitive and focussed approach while retaining the protection levels well. Tree cutting services, electricity jobs, piping and oil field jobs, heavy construction , moulding jobs and even mining are some examples of them. Materials like silicone, thermoplastic rubber, nylon are used to construct them. The great features such as touch screen friendliness are often offered in these gloves. This can help the workers who simultaneously work with electronics and machines.

While choosing a glove, you should keep in mind the durability and global rating standards (EN and ANSI) which confirm its reliability. You should also check on fit and try various sizes before finalizing the one. These are separately constructed for men and women. A good and regular maintenance would help you to keep it in good condition. These gloves have considerably reduced the industrial hand injuries and are definitely recommended to all the the industrial workers.

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Cut Protection Glove For Your Job

Cut Protection Glove For Your Job

These gloves have considerably reduced the industrial hand injuries and are definitely recommended to all the the industrial workers.

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