How to Look Like a Beauty Queen Everyday

Published 8 years ago

Tall, graceful, well-mannered and gorgeous are just some of the things we would use to describe our favorite beauty queens. Looking at them and seeing how perfect they make you wonder what it would take for you to look like that (or at least resemble them) every day. Look no further! Below are some of the simple ways to look effortlessly like a beauty queen every day of the week.


Decades ago, beauty queens were crazy over big teased hair. Why is that? This is because long, thick and shiny hair is a sign of youth and fertility. A woman can only ever have a luscious mane if she is healthy and taking care of herself and even the cavemen knew that! An increase in hair volume (on the head or elsewhere in the body) is also a secondary sexual trait communicating that a woman is now ready for reproduction. It’s crazy how much evolution still affects our preferences but years after the big teased hair trend of long ago, thick luscious hair remains to be a trend. Have you seen all those gorgeous Latin American’s on Miss Universe? All of them have thick, long and shiny hair. Cop the look by wearing good quality, natural extensions and take care of your natural hair by eating well and using conditioner.


A beauty queen should be a lot of things, but she should be primarily FLAWLESS. The first feature people usually check for flawlessness is the skin, specifically the skin on the face. If you’re blessed with pore-less skin, you could either be Japanese, or you’ve hit the genetic jackpot. If in any case you aren’t as flawless as you’d like to be it is time to visit your dermatologist. Great products to invest in are those that contain vitamin C and retinol. These are the only compounds clinically proven to help erase fine lines and prevent them from developing. Also, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Ask any pageant girl and they will NEVER be without this skin care staple.

Before purchasing any skin care product, make sure to get the go signal from your dermatologist as well as read skin care reviews.


Beauty queens know how important it is to have a pearly white set of teeth. Everybody is asking you to smile for a photo-op, so it is important to have your teeth whitened. We are going to be blunt with you here and tell you that to get the kind perfect chompers you see on beauty queens and actresses; you would have to fork over a lot of cash to get some veneers done. If you, like the rest of humanity, don’t have an extra few thousand dollars to spare, a whitening home kit will do just fine.


There is something about long and thick lashes that seem so feminine. This is probably why all beauty queens have such thick lashes! Most queens will pile on the eyelash extensions and the glue to get the effect. Some religiously follow eyelash thickening routines such as combing your eyelashes and wearing eyelash lengthening serums. Don’t feel like you have to break the bank though to get thick lashes, because there are several home remedies on how to make eyelash grow.


We have three words for you: contour, contour, contour. This is the power of good makeup and advanced makeup skills. If you look up makeup tutorials on Youtube, you will find the most ordinary (but still beautiful!) Janes transform themselves into beauty queens over the course of a 9-minute video. Make up is not meant to “trick” people into thinking you are somebody you are not. Rather, it is a way to enhance your God-given assets. Beauty queens should know, most if not all of them know how to put makeup on themselves. Because of how hectic pageants can be, it is not practical to have a make-up artist following you around that is why a lot of the queens prefer to do the touch-ups themselves.

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