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Russian Stylist Compares The Same Outfits In XS And XL Sizes (10 Pics)

Published 5 months ago

Marina Kamenskaya is a Russian stylist based in the city of Rostov-on-Don. The woman wears a size XL and has recently collaborated with a few friends who wear a size XS to show how two identical outfits look on different body types. They tried out various different outfits, ranging from formal to casual wear, and then shared the results online where it did not take long for them to go viral.

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, the woman said she got into fashion magazines and TV shows when she was around 11. She says that it was then that she learned how to dress and later would discuss fashion and pick out clothes with her friends. But although fashion was always Marina’s calling, she only became a stylist after mustering up the courage to quit her office job. Now women contact her looking for help choosing work or event clothes and sometimes even asking her to build their whole wardrobes! “To do these things, I go shopping with them and help them buy what they like and what suits them,” explained the stylist. “This year, more and more women began contacting me from all over the world, so I began helping them to make the same decisions online, too.”

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Marina says that most of the comparisons were made in the ZARA store as they often stock sizes larger than L. “There’s also the prevailing idea that clothing only looks good on slim women. As a size XL woman myself, thanks to this title, I’d like to show that style is not dependent on size,” explained the stylist. “Also, while some pieces suit larger sizes the best, others look equally good in the smallest and largest sizes.”


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The stylist says she really likes ZARA because they’ve expanded their range to include sizes up to XXL. “Clients appreciate the company for its interesting styles and latest seasonal trends. Plus, you can dress from head to toe in this store’s clothing and show the client a ready-to-wear look. And rather than judging sizes, I choose clothing for clients based on internal and external factors,” says Marina. “I would really like for plus-sized women to leave behind their complexes about their size and enjoy life every day! And to treat themselves to beautiful clothes.”


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