20 Interesting Fashion Tips From The ‘Cool Guides’ Online Community

Published 2 years ago

Fashion is a difficult subject for beginners. There are just a lot of symbols and words to be familiarized with. What does that square with a black circle on it mean? What is that square with a circle with three dots in it? What even is a jean, and how it’s different from pants?

If that’s how you feel when you dabble with fashion, then don’t worry. We have some cool fashion guides for you. Not only will these 20 tips make your way in fashion easier, but they will also make you more knowledgeable, fashionate, and classy!

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#1 This Guide On How Often To Wash Your Clothes

Image source: pinkydkk

#2 Guide: How To Remove Stains From Clothes

Image source: LIS1050010

#3 How To Hang Your Dress Pants (So They Don’t Fall Off The Hanger)

Image source: jpc4stro

#4 Tactical Order Of Dressing

Image source: kc954

#5 Dress Codes 101

Image source: regian24

#6 Guide To The Types Of Skirts!

Image source: Bogisa

#7 I Spent Forever Looking For A “Grid Pattern” Shirt Before I Found This

Image source: i-am-a-potatoo

#8 Find The Best Shoe For Your Feet With This Simple Guide

Image source: justadudechllin

#9 How To Dress Dark

Image source: Engasgamel

#10 Types Of Collars In Women’s Fashion

Image source: qss122

#11 Best Formal Shoes+pant Combinations

Image source: MediocreChap

#12 How To Pack So Your Clothes Don’t Get Wrinkled. Used This Method For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Miles And Can Attest That It Works

Image source: trashpix

#13 Pants Shapes

Image source: wheekwheekmeow

#14 Lacing Up Running Shoes

Image source: Fun_On_A_Bunn

#15 Dress Types

Image source: lankancookie

#16 Skirt/Dress Length Reference

Image source: reddit.com

#17 For All Your Laundry Needs

Image source: Uppernined18

#18 How A Shirt Should Fit (Masc Edition)

Image source: possessed-pillowpet

#19 Simple Bra Info Chart

Image source: YOU_TUBE_PERSON

#20 History Of Gendered Clothing, As Illustrated By Elise Gravel

Image source: DarkRiches61

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