Sartorial Line by Carro

Published 9 years ago

This line consists of an assortment of bags created with recovered vintage jackets and ties.

Each product is the result of deconstruction, experimentation and play. Traditional Tailoring released as aesthetic and conceptual inspiration: suggests a way of producing that pays attention to each particular piece and specializes in exquisite details and trimmings.

The results are objects that rage between tailoring and leather goods, artisan and industrial, movement, humor and style.

he project was born in 2009, when we realized that the flea markets in Buenos Aires were full of vintage sartorial jackets and vintage ties that nobody bought, because they were too old fashioned.

It was an excellent material to work with: made of with high quality and beautiful wool fabrics, available in large quantities. In addition, they also had a strong link with the history of Buenos Aires. In each sewn-in label was the name and address of a traditional sartorial house, now extinct. We bought a big lot and started to work.

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Sartorial Backpack

Sartorial Backpack

From a man´s jacket we can get the raw material for a backpack. The lapels, labels and original pockets are put in a different place and the jacket acquires the shape and function of a new object.

These backpacks are entirely lined and reinforced with an water-proof interlining in order to be more resistant and protective.

D* contracte Rucksack

D* contracte Rucksack

It comes from experimentation with recycling and the deconstruction of tailor’s trade. The most important feature is the lapel: two lapels together form a front pocket.

The trimming is made of with recovered ties.

CopaManga Purse

CopaManga Purse

They are carried out by combining two man´s jacket sleeves. The sleeve cup and the cuffs are the construction details that characterize them. Morphology is the inheritance of the sleeve that it used to be.

Each messenger is a mixture of diverse fabrics: two jackets, woolen cloths, patterned linings and trimmings made of ties. The proposed combination is unique every single case.

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