Overview of the Hairstyles of the US First Ladies

Published 8 years ago

“First Lady” may not be an official title in the United States, but over the years, the position has evolved substantially, from White House hostess to full-fledged political advisor. Yet ever since Martha Washington, there’s one role the First Lady has always been responsible for fulfilling: fashion icon. The public has often obsessed over its First Lady’s hairstyle and wardrobe choices. Some have been trendy, some have been traditional, but they’ve all been uniquely themselves. To honor these world leaders of good looks, we’re counting down our 10 favorite First Lady hairstyles.

Source: http://www.ogleschool.edu/blog/first-lady-hairstyles/

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First Lady Locks: A Hair History of the USA

First Lady Locks: A Hair History of the USA

Infographic prepared by the OGLE Schools

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