30 Times Designers Failed And Created Such Silly Things, People Had To Shame Them Online

Published 2 years ago

All of us fail sometimes and we learn from our failures. But if you work in the design field, your failures are going to be noticed by many people. So, the designers need to be more careful and thoughtful with planning and executing their ideas.

However, some designers probably don’t use their brain cells at all and end up creating something so silly that people start wondering “Why?” This subreddit shares some funny examples of such designers and shows some of the worst design fails. Check out some of their best posts in the gallery below. And if you want to see some more posts like this, check them out here and here.

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#1 Don’t Give Candy To Babies Please

Image source: camstarrankin

#2 Wheelchair Friendly Stairway

Image source: casperfk

#3 Orange Is The New Milk

Image source: Random_Average_Human

#4 Never Noticed

Image source: BierschissBernd

#5 This “Taco” Someone Posted From Their Work Cafeteria

Image source: aBastardNoLonger

#6 Go Ahead I Dare You. Bike Lane Ends In Oncoming Traffic

Image source: TheKitdriv

#7 This Marvel In Ohio

Image source: Teillu

#8 Know The Facts I Have Beautiful Teeth Too

Image source: mosti_shosho

#9 Chalk With A Popsicle Color, Shape, And Even Wood Handle. What Could Go Wrong Giving These To Kids?

Image source: rtowne

#11 At Least They Can’t See Your Face

Image source: ElShozaYT

#12 Blehhh

Image source: bluecat81

#13 Stoplights In Lake Tahoe Filled With Snow Due To A Crappy Design Of Not Having The Bottom Cut Out To Prevent Snow Accumulation. It’s A World-Class Ski Area, Snow Should Be A Key Factor In All Design Decisions

Image source: Worst_Username_Evar

#14 I Wonder If She’s Pregnant

Image source: FantasticMacaron8732

#15 Yee-Haw A Violin!

Image source: scrollholio

#16 Just So We’re All Clear, This Man Has Cracked Open A Child And Is Now Wearing Its Insides On His Head, Correct?

Image source: MemelordGod_

#17 The Worst Staircase I Have Ever Seen

Image source: Reymont

#18 The Toilet Paper Dispenser At My University – Every Roll Spins When You Spin One

Image source: InappropriateTuesday

#19 Blursed

Image source: YhanuMusic

#20 The Stairs In An Airbnb I Stayed In Where Every Step Is A Different Height, Width And Depth

Image source: jingojangobingoblerp

#21 Image To Advertise A Photo Booth

Image source: potato1234_x

#22 Hidden What?!

Image source: Villan_99

#23 This Winter, You Can Set Your Feet On Fire

Image source: TehPurpleCod

#24 Tactile Paving For The Visually Impaired Interrupted By Giant Bench

Image source: chasemynose

#25 When I Almost Bought Shirts But Was Afraid Of How They Would Smell

Image source: ohgodnonotthesun

#26 Simple Question, Why?

Image source: spork117

#27 Can We All Admire This Majestic Beast

Image source: Spacecowboy947

#28 A DIY Shower I Saw While House Hunting

Image source: KarensVictim

#29 The Sign Telling Us Where Our Room Is

Image source: BlessedCanadian

#30 Guys I Found An App Which Rents Ice Ships

Image source: Lonely-Series9604

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