30 Times Companies Designed Things Based On Profit And Neglected The User’s Needs

Published 2 years ago

While some designers try to make sure that users get the best experience by creating friendly designs, many of them just don’t care about consumers’ needs at all. In fact, some designers even create such ridiculous things that might make someone’s blood boil.

There is a subreddit called “when a*** design things.” which is dedicated to shaming those jerk designers. The online group with around 2.9 million members shares photos of things that scream “nothing comes before profit, especially not the consumer.” From weird product packaging to senseless advertisements, scroll below to see some of the worst designs in the gallery below.

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#1 Brand New Protein Powder, Not Even Filled Half Whey

Image source: Furious_Flames

#2 Ah Station Design

Image source: masteromatic

#3 Taxes

Image source: MayoBoy69, twitter.com

#4 Disney Leaves The Inside Of Their $6 Icecream Hollow

Image source: ThatTheoGuy

#5 Appstore For You

Image source: reddit.com

#6 I Want My Money Back


#7 Natural Is A Trademark

Image source: yaserafriend

#8 So It Was A Lie

Image source: Droyk

#9 Cup Design That Makes The Drink Look Like It Has Actual Fruit

Image source: St-Paerikus

#10 Unremovable Ads On My $2,500 Samsung Smart TV

Image source: BrownLandlord

#11 Both Weigh 500g But The Green One Is In A 30% “Bigger Bag More To Share”

Image source: AApickleAA

#12 Spending $175 On A Textbook Only To Receive A 2 Inch Stack Of Unbound Papers. Binder Sold Separately!

Image source: FrenchiToasti

#13 Screw You Pinterest

Your content fills up and pollutes the search engine results yet people can’t even view your bulls**t user-submitted content without signing up for a damn account. Going to add to you to my Personal Blocklist so you don’t appear in my searches and waste my time anymore.

Image source: ZYn9Po4u

#14 Felt Like This Sub Would Appreciate This Statement

Image source: the_gaming_princess, twitter.com

#15 Trashy Company

Image source: Smartix04, twitter.com

#16 The Sticker Was A Lie

Image source: Doophie

#17 They Replaced Half The Mirrors In My Local Shopping Mall’s Bathroom With Advertising Boards!

Image source: BradleyZ17

#18 Literal Hell For Budget Flyers – Standing Seats

Image source: DistinctScene0

#19 The Fact That You Can’t Uninstall Facebook On Certain Phones

Image source: Dark_Inferno98

#20 Cashing In On That *cough*

Image source: paris_christine, twitter.com

#21 Shrinkflation Used By Cadbury To Literally Cut Corners. The Bottom Chocolate Bar Is More Than 8 Percent Smaller

Image source: Flying_Dutchmen_13

#22 Designed For Dissuading The Homeless. Literally Just Uncomfortable For Everyone Else

Image source: Machdame

#23 Hellofresh. If I Don’t Need To Call To Make Orders, I Shouldn’t Need To Call To Unsubscribe

Image source: goldollazz

#24 I Chose The Bottle Because A Tube Wasn’t Enough! This Trojan Trickery Is An Abuse Coming From A Brand With Recognition

Image source: PoorGeno

#25 Really?

Image source: EveningBluebird

#26 This Design Pisses Me Off Every Single Day

Image source: tazzzzzzzz0

#27 This Mcdonalds Menu

Image source: SkepticHQ, twitter.com

#28 5$ Pen Size vs. Ink

Image source: deleted-mayham

#29 Such A Great Deal!

Image source: Guevarra25

#30 Bought These Sticky Notes Cause I Thought The Gold Border Was Nice

Image source: KarmasDoll

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