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Artist Transforms Pop Culture Icons Into Their Real Life Versions, And They Will Give You Nightmares

Published 1 year ago

Throughout our lives we’ve met a lot of fictional cartoon characters. But they usually remain just that – cartoons. To shed new light on these familiar faces, Australian digital artist Wil Hughes has decided to turn our beloved pop culture icons into hyper-realistic 3D models.

Hughes – who studies animation at Griffith University in Brisbane – amplified his creations’ main features and emotions, making each and every one distinctive as hell. Talking about hell, don’t be surprised if some of these family-friendly characters become terrifying nightmare fuel. You’ve been warned!

More info: Official Website, Facebook, Instagram, Shop (h/t boredpanda)

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#1 Ronald Mcdonald

Image source:

#2 Rick Sanchez

Image source:

#3 Homer Simpson

Image source:

#4 Wally

Image source:

#5 Squidward Tennisballs

Image source:

#6 Pepe

Image source:

#7 Krusty The Clown

Image source:

#8 Googly Bear

Image source:

#9 An Old Classic

Image source:

#10 Spongebob

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Rokas Laurinavičius

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