Artist Creates Amazing Hyperrealistic Drawings To Portray The Beauty Of Organic Life (10 Pics)

Published 2 years ago

David Morrison is an artist who has always loved nature because of its shape, forms, and color. He perfectly portrays various life forms in his hyperrealistic drawings.

In an interview with DeMilked, he says, “Early on I was inspired by Karl Blossfeldt photographs of plants and the Ernst Haeckel prints. I fell in love with their artwork. My drawings of nature started in earnest when we purchased a home in 1994. The home has almost two acres of land and a pond. On the lot are huge sycamore trees. A beautiful magnolia tree, which I have drawn every part of the tree over the years.”

“I’m still drawing the tree. The home gave me a place to observe nature every day. The drawings record fleeting moments of nature’s existence,” he adds.

Check out some of his wonderful works in the gallery below. And if you want to explore more of his artworks, do visit his Instagram page and Garvey | Simon Gallery.

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Image source: David Morrison

The artist revealed that he usually tries to draw six to eight hours a day. “The creative process start with my daily walks around the gardens. I love looking at fallen objects on the ground and how nature has effected them. I recently was introduced to the term wabi-sabi, which means the art of imperfection. My seeing involves looking at everyday objects that embodied this spirit. Showing how incredibly beautiful a simple stick is giving it an iconic totem presence. Hopefully after looking at the drawing you stop and pick up a stick and see how important it is. After finding a object I will photograph it on pristine white paper with shadows. Then I’m ready to start to draw with the actual object and photographic references.”


Image source: David Morrison

Morrison further elaborated, “Drawing is both a form of mediation and painful execution for me. There are moments of exhilaration of knowing you really capture the form. Then there are moments of redrawing a part over and over. Sometimes at the end of the drawing it’s like being on an rollercoaster. I like putting the drawing away and then relooking at it. This usually provides the best feeling for me of having capture a moment of its existence.”


Image source: David Morrison


Image source: David Morrison


Image source: David Morrison


Image source: David Morrison


Image source: David Morrison


Image source: David Morrison


Image source: David Morrison


Image source: David Morrison

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