10 Urban Dwellings Captured From Beautiful Perspectives In Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings By Nathan Walsh

Published 1 year ago

Nathan Walsh is an artist who has been creating intricate oil paintings for the past 25 years. Formerly an art lecturer, he chose to continue his passion for painting and his 15 years of experience being a full-time artist shows up in his breathtaking works.

The artist’s recent compositions are inspired by urban dwellings. “I find visiting new cities exciting, they offer endless possibilities for painting”, Nathan tells DeMilked. He captures the busy streets of cities such as New York and Paris with his unique perspective, then he brings the photos to his studio, makes sketches with perfect precision, and then moves on to create wonderful hyperrealistic paintings.

Check out some of his most stunning works in the gallery below.

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Image source: Nathan Walsh

The artist further reveals, “My intention with these paintings is to suggest a new language of realist painting. Whilst they start firmly rooted in the observable world a process of shaping and manipulation a new agenda has emerged,”

“By collecting raw material through photography and drawing an archive of material is built over time. Living with this material in the studio starts to suggest new ways of describing the urban landscape. This could be a combination of interior, exterior and reflected space or with my most or an amalgam of disparate locations and viewpoints,” he adds.


Image source: Nathan Walsh

“Whilst these works don’t obey the same laws of physics which govern our own world they are constructed in a very particular way. Strategies for picture-making and defining space are explored and manipulated. Perspective, photography, and colour theory are employed and often rejected,” says Nathan.


Image source: Nathan Walsh


Image source: Nathan Walsh


Image source: Nathan Walsh


Image source: Nathan Walsh


Image source: Nathan Walsh


Image source: Nathan Walsh


Image source: Nathan Walsh


Image source: Nathan Walsh

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