Artist Managed To Capture A Girl In A River, And People Are Amazed By His Talent

Published 6 years ago

Kei Mieno is a Japanese artist who was born in Hiroshima, he specializes in realism, and when you see his work it’s hard to believe that this is not a real picture.

Kei has received a lot of attention after he shared an image of a woman laying down in the river, people were surprised to know that the image in front of them is actually a painting. Hard to believe, right?  Well if you look up close, you can notice the small painted details. In fact, this is not the only Mieno’s painting that will surprise you with the artist’s skill and talent. If you enjoy hyperrealistic paintings, you most definitely have to see our article about this Italian painter whose works are so detailed it’s unbelievable.

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Meet Kei Mieno, a Japanese artist who recently has gained a lot of media attention after he uploaded this image online

As it turns out, this is not an ordinary picture, is actually a painting

In fact, this is not the only Mieno’s painting that will surprise you with the artist’s skill and talent

Recently, Kei Mieno went on Twitter to share a painting he created 15 years ago to show the progress he has made

Even though his previous work is still amazing, there is clearly an incredible difference

And even though Kei Mieno’s paintings look realistic, the artist wishes to disassociate himself from such terms as photography or hyperrealism

According to him, his paintings are not aiming to mimic the reality but to portray the life the way he sees it

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