The Way This Artist Captures People Is Unbelievable

Published 6 years ago

Marco Grassi is an Italian painter whose work is definitely one of a kind. When you first take a look at Marco’s work, there is no way you would think that the image in front of you is not a photo but a hyperrealistic painting. Every single detail is so precise that it seems like a real person is looking right at you from the painting. Grassi calls his paintings surreal hyperrealistic as he adds inhumane elements to his work this way analyzing our perception of humanity. It is clear that the artist pays a lot of attention to human skin since his paintings meticulously portray every single hair and pore on a human’s body. According to Marco, it takes at least two or three months to finish one piece, and it makes a lot of sense when you see the finished result. Scroll down to see Grassi’s pieces yourself, and we promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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Meet Marco Grassi, an Italian painter whose works are guaranteed to take your breath away

What might seem like a beautiful photo of a young man is actually a surreal hyperrealistic painting made by Grassi himself

Grassi’s work combines inhuman elements with lifelike human portraits this way analyzing our perception of humanity

In his paintings, human’s body becomes a shell with a wonderful surface

It takes at least two or three months to finish one painting

And the results are absolutely breathtaking

Look at the amount of precision it takes finish Marco Grassi’s painting

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