People Are Sharing Stories That Took Unexpectedly Wholesome Turns (30 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

You know what they say – hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. And even though whatever can go wrong, does go wrong in many cases, there are times when things turn unexpectedly wholesome – and today we’re all about those times.

People over at the r/UnexpectedlyWholesome subreddit are sharing all the instances where they were pleasantly surprised by the way things turned out, and their stories are as wholesome as they can get. Read them in the gallery below, and if you want more wholesome content, make sure to check out these comics by Valerie Minelli here!

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#1 This Make Me Happy

Image source: TheStoriesDiary

#2 Hol Up

Image source: Oh_Dreaded_Dawn

#3 Goals

Image source: reddit

#4 Gang Of Hagrids

Image source: laughlikesomethingbroken

#5 Wholesome 100

Image source: racwestlands

#6 Found This

Image source: delphi200477

#7 Fight For Babies First Word

Image source: itismyturnonthxbox

#8 Kids Are The Best

Image source: potbelliedgeek

#9 Reddit Can Be A Great Place

Image source: noahmichelson

#10 I Lived

Image source: asdfghjooosh

#11 Found This Gem

Image source: theheliumkid

#12 I’m Not Gonna Spoil Anything, Just Read It And You’ll See

Image source: followthebluebell

#13 Hearing The Words From Love

Image source: memezzer

#14 Goby Saves The Day

Image source: Unknownghost17

Instead of placing garbage cans around this beach, the city made a giant see-through fish out of some barbed wire and meshm and added a sign that says “Goby loves plastic, please feed him”. Kids love feeding Goby, who is usually full by the end of the day, and taken away by the city.

#15 Yes

Image source: hi_reddit_________

#16 Landlord Says No Pets Allowed, But An Exception Is Made

Image source: 1234youreadumbwhore

#17 “The More You Yell At Her, The More Money She Makes!”

Image source: ral365

#18 An Unexpected Friendship

Image source: GuiltyUpstairs

#19 Boys Like Flowers, Too

Image source: snazzy-lester

#20 George Bush Sr’s Dog Got Too Fat

Image source: LettersOfNote

#21 She Said Good Morning

Image source: chiomabayo

#22 NASA Is Wholesome

Image source: stickmanbrandon

#23 I Was Expecting A Nice Guy Story. Although I Was Not Disappointed

Image source: TheZagle

#24 It Never Came

Image source: __MiguelJ4

#25 Wants To Learn For That Special Someone

Image source: Android_Is_Great

#26 Found This Unexpectedly Wholesome Response

Image source: eucatastrophed

#27 We Have Much To Learn

Image source: The-Desi-Girl

#28 Nice

Image source: HALAL_HER0

#29 Straight As Nails

Image source: ILikeHentai-177013

#30 I Love This

Image source: mogvvai

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