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20 DIY Furniture Hacks For IKEA Products That Are Mind-Blowingly Good

Published 3 months ago

Sometimes we see something in a furniture shop that we hope is just right. But perhaps it could do with just a little tweaking to make it absolutely perfect. Apparently, there’s a whole host of folk out there who thought similarly and then went ahead a further step and actually made it happen in the most satisfying of ways.

These IKEA furniture upgrades done by various people is everything. Its talented, creative and inspiring. If you love things that need just that little tweak to make it perfect, the following is bound to be super satisfying.

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#1 Laundry Room Remodel Using Mostly IKEA Kitchen Cabinets And Countertop

Image source: Arim215

#2 Finally Almost Done With A New Entertainment/Library

Image source: RebelEbel

#3 IKEA Kallax Entry Bench Hack

Image source: Perojok

#4 Komplement Pants Drawer As A Wine Shelf!

Image source: LucyTheFoodNerd

#5 Made Some Changes To The Ställ

Image source: Ktarque2

#6 Had A Gap Between Our Kitchen Cupboards And Larder Unit, Put A Skadis Board On Some Drawer Runners To Make A Pull-Out Knife Rack/Spice Rack

Image source: D-Angle

#7 Kitchen Pantry, My First IKEA Hack

Image source: bardunpower

#8 Our IKEA Rudsta Cabinet Greenhouse After Three Months Progress

Image source: Bringhorizon

#9 Kallax Hanging Cat Apartment

Image source: LX_Peace

#10 I Made A Secret Place For Reading

Image source: Simka014

#11 A Lot Of Billies, One Gnedby And Some Doors. Plus Extra Panelling

Image source: Tuesdaynext14

#12 Upcycled Besta

Image source: fulanita_de_tal

#13 Mulig Blanket Rack. Buy Two, Butt Them Together Vertically


#14 Milsbo Greenhouse!

Image source: peskquire

#15 Large Planters Are So Expensive, So We Used Filir Trash Cans + Hedges To Build A Patio Privacy Enclosure

Image source: bing_bang_bum

#16 Upscaled My Old Beat Up Kallax!

Image source: Runaway_delta

#17 We Used Seven Havsta Cabinets To Create Faux Built-Ins!

Image source: ilovemydogsncats

#18 Gerdie And Pudda Make A Great And Cute Cat Bed

Image source: nvrnicknvr

#19 My Old IKEA Lamp Was Boring So I Crocheted A New One

Image source: niekollie

#20 Obsessed With My Tarva Hack ? Stain, Sealer, And New Hardware

Image source: lsolar775

Shanilou Perera

Shanilou is a free spirit in the world on her own journey. She believes that we need to heal the world like Michael Jackson said and that all the world's a stage like Shakespeare said. She believes we all have a role to play in making the world a better place and hers is on a beach island with a tropical climate; at least for the moment!

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