Indian Destinations for Solo Women Travellers

Published 8 years ago

Though it is a common assumption that India is not a safe destination for women travellers, there are a lot of tourist destinations that are tagged as safest places in the country. With your safety into consideration, we have listed the top destinations in India where solo women travellers can enjoy without any constraint.

These destinations are not just safe, they are charming, mesmerizing and make a wonderful tourist destination for all age groups.


Nainital is located in Uttarakhand. It is a place of friendly people. The world of Nainital is a bit away from the common urban culture. It is a small town and local people are known for their warm nature and hospitality. It is a small fun place where you can explore while backpacking. Top places to enjoy in Nainital are Saattal, lover’s point, cable car, Nanda devi temple, Corbett national park, Pangot, Jama Masjid, Himalya Darshan, Naukuchiyatal, china peak, tiffin top, snow point and many others.


Mysore is considered to be the safest place in the state of Karnataka. The streets are always populated; even in odd hours. The city will be glittering in lights and bustling with crowd even at midnights. Thus, it is easy to explore this city throughout the day. You can find a lot of attractions here that would suit those who love art and history. Top places to visit are Mysore palace, Government house, Rangacharly clock, rail museum, Sri Chamundeswari temple and many others.


Shimla is the place that you go for having all kinds of snow related activities. It is a honeymoon destination and is one of the safest places in the country. There are many attractions in this place including hill stations, natural beauty and others. It has safe lodging facilities and the place is always packed with tourists and thus, you will never get into trouble. Top places to enjoy in Shimla are Town hall, Gaiety museum, Christ church, Himalayan Bird Park, state museum, temple of Kali Bari, viceregal lodge and others.


Khajuraho is a wonderful world heritage sites that hold temples of 9th to 12th century. There are only a few temples that stand today making it a world heritage site. If you are looking for a safe and quiet place, Khajuraho is the best place to visit. There are a lot of different temples to visit like the Lakshmi temple, Adinath temple, Mahavira temple, Mahadev temple, Kandariya mahadev temple and others. You can find erotic sculptures and other interesting art forms in these temples.


Udaipur is the city for honeymoon and solo vacations. The city has a rich culture and you can find interesting structures, palaces and other attractions here. It is a couple’s destination and thus, everything has a romantic aspect to it. Udaipur is located in Rajasthan and this state is known for its courtesy. The inmates of Udaipur are very friendly and you can easy mingle with them without any formalities. Top attractions to visit in Udaipur are Lake Palace, Ahar museum, Sajjan Garh, monsoon palace, sunset point, havelis, city palace and Lake Pichola. The city is also considered as luxurious destinations as it is a part of the royal state of Rajasthan. Therefore, you can explore this luxurious city through the luxury train-Maharajas’ Express, enjoying the royal treatment on-board.


Kaziranga is located in Assam. Do not back off by reading the word ‘Assam’. It is a safe place, especially for a solo female traveller. The main attraction here is the national park. You can hire a jeep safari or elephant safari and wander around the park. It is very safe for any traveller. Since government runs this park, every activity is monitored and done with high courtesy. Top animals to spot are one horned rhino, Indian civet, hog badge, hoolock gibbon, sambar, barking deer, langur, macaque and others.


It is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. It is a very popular religious place and has many ancient temples and the holy river of Ganges. It is so pious that you need not worry about your safety. Most of those who live in or visit Varanasi are devotees and crime rate is minimum here. You can enjoy a lot of temples, boat ride on the river and watch many interesting rituals. It will be very crowded during any religious festival. Thus, choose your day very carefully. This city comes alive at every early in the morning. You can find rituals happening from 5 in the morning. Top attractions to enjoy here are Bharat mata temple, durga temple, vishwanath temple, Gyan Kupor well, Ramnagar fort, Dashwamedh ghat, new vishwanath temple and many others.

Safety is not a luxury in India. With strong defence force and tourism welcoming people; India is a safe place. Safety also falls in your hand. Always stick to busy streets and avoid abandoned or inner parts of any city. Other safe cities in India are Sikkim, Ladakh, Churu, Pondicherry, Munnar, Madurai, Rishikesh, Hampi, Chennai, Ziro valley and others. If you are planning to travel solo to India, always prebook all your services before starting your travel.

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