Photographer Captures France Through His Infrared Lens And The Results Are Mesmerizing (10 Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Paolo Pettigiani is an infrared photographer who transformed France into a beautiful cotton candy city during his three-week trip. From the Palace of Versailles to Normandy, this photographer showed us France in a way that has never been seen before. His current work is a part of his “Infraland project” which is an ongoing project that started in 2014. According to Paolo, it “transforms ordinary places into surreal landscapes unbound by human perception – in order to renew the spectators’ idea of the world.”

The photographer was 10 years old when he started taking some pictures for fun during a trip with his family in Argentina.  Since then, photography became his passion and later, during university, he took it up as a career. In an interview with DeMilked, Paolo revealed, “During ‘Design and Visual Communication’ studies at Polytechnic University of Turin, I felt the need to visually combine photography and graphic design into a unique image in order to express my personal vision of the world with a specific focus on colors, shapes and nature with an aesthetically pleasing image.”

Check out some of his wonderful works in the gallery below.

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Image source: Paolo Pettigiani

The artist further elaborated, “During my bachelor degree, in 2014 I started to explore the topic of seeing the unseen, driven by a desire to explore familiar places, expanding the limits of perception through a graphic and visual exploration of the territory.

I found my trademark style using infrared photography: a fusion of science and creativity that captures the electromagnetic radiation of light whose wavelengths are not visible to the human eye.”


Image source: Paolo Pettigiani

Describing his creative process, the photographer said, “These images, shot using a converted full spectrum infrared camera, offer a fusion of science and creativity to capture light waves that are invisible to the human eye. The works are an invitation to further explore our surroundings with new enthusiasm and with the purpose to tells the contemporary perception processes of nature and the connection of the photographic medium with the stylization of landscape.”


Image source: Paolo Pettigiani

Infraland series has been featured in several publications including The Guardian, The Washington Post, Wired and Vogue and have been exhibited in international exhibitions in New York, Paris and Milan.


Image source: Paolo Pettigiani


Image source: Paolo Pettigiani


Image source: Paolo Pettigiani


Image source: Paolo Pettigiani


Image source: Paolo Pettigiani


Image source: Paolo Pettigiani


Image source: Paolo Pettigiani

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