30 Clever Ads And Marketing Promos That Hit The Sweet Spot

Published 12 months ago

Appreciating the creative genius behind some great advertisements can be strangely satisfying. After all, it shows that someone really knew their product and their audience so they were able to tie all the strings together in a neat bow knot, to present it to the world. 

Some of these brilliant campaigns are so good they were featured on two dedicated subreddits especially created to appreciate such magnificent marketing. Scroll below to check out some of the cleverest high-quality ads and well-thought-out marketing gimmicks that we found on these threads.

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#1 Forensic Science Ad

Image source: jvilanova99

#2 “What If We Cared About Those Living In Poverty As Much As We Care About Celebrities?”

Image source: SpottieOttieDopa

#3 Please Don’t Text And Drive

Image source: elr3y

#4 Nikon Facedetect

Image source: bonjourmartin

#5 Fill In Carefully: An Ingenious Ad For A Tattoo Parlour

Image source: coram_morte

#6 The Police Throwing Paper Airplanes Threw Open Windows To Warn People About Burglars

Image source: whats8

#7 One Child Is Holding Something That’s Been Banned In America To Protect Them

Image source: denvit

#8 Choose Who Will Drive You Home // Reykjavík Metropolitan Police

Image source: tailbalance

#9 Jorge Gamboa, “The Tip Of The Iceberg” (Environmental Advert)

Image source: digdilem

#10 One Click Can Change Your Future

Image source: adamlm

#11 Idm Ad-Smart Ideas For Smarter Cities

Image source: moparornocar

#12 This Ad By Eskom

Image source: Aequitas19

#13 An Advertisement For Keloptic.com – A French Website That Sells Glasses

Image source: Gaget

#14 Highlight The Remarkable – Remarkable Women And Their Stories By Stabilo Boss

Image source: Spanholz

#15 Ford’s Advertising After Women In Saudi Arabia Are Allowed To Drive

Image source: B3yondL

#16 Burger King Tells People To Order From Mcd’s

Image source: adamfcb

#17 A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words; No Tag Line Necessary

Image source: stalwart_rabbit

#18 Durex Roasts Facebook Data Leak

Image source: alenathomasfc

#19 About Autism

Image source: AdWorldMasters

#20 The Beetles

Image source: Devuluh

#21 Bold Campaign By Unicef

Image source: just2curiousBF

#22 A Pixel For Every Remaining Animal Of That Species

Image source: snapmyfingersand

#23 Hot Shingles In Your Area

Image source: ZachPaj

#24 1963 Bronx Zoo, NYC “The Most Dangerous Animal In The World”

Image source: kevirtual

#25 Donation Ad And Drop Off For USB Sticks To Send To North Korea

Image source: noahjameslove

#26 City Of Los Angeles Facebook Job Posting

Image source: milwaukeeminnesota

#27 An Idea So Stupid

Image source: Yare_Daze

#28 Barilla Noodles Ad For New Year!

Image source: AntonLechner

#29 I Guess The Most Simple Yet Powerful Promotional Message

Image source: Farzal

#30 Wwf – Horrifying / More Horrifying

Image source: Gotadime

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