Traveling Couple Makes Up To $9000 Per Instagram Photo, And Here’s How They Do It

Published 7 years ago

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen have been living what most people on Instagram would call “life goals” since they met in Fiji last year. Not only do they spend their days documenting their world travels with flawless photos, they get paid up to $9000 USD for each one they post.

With Jack now at 2 million Instagram followers, and Lauren close behind with 1.2 million, the couple now makes enough money from the brands and tourism companies that sponsor them to fully supplement regular adventures around the globe, as well as a home base in Bali. In a Q&A recently posted to his official website, DoYouTravel, Jack shared a few tips that helped propel him and Lauren to Insta-fame, and you may want to take notes.

“I edit all my photos in the same kind of style with my own lightroom presets,” he said of their dreamy ‘matching’ effect. He also added that the couple mostly shoots around 1 hour after sunrise, since that tends to be the quietest time of day. The couple reportedly won’t take less than $3000 USD for a post.

Read Jack’s full Q&A here, though be warned – it just might make your day job a little harder to get through.

More info: DoYouTravel | instagrams: jack | lauren (h/t)

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Jack Morris and his girlfriend, Lauren Bullen, have made a living off traveling the world

Their flawless Instagram photos have attracted millions of followers to their pages

Brands and tourism companies pay them for each post, sometimes as much as $9000 USD

Jack, 26, was a carpet cleaner for 5 years before he left his native Manchester in 2012

Lauren, 23, is a self-taught photographer from Australia, who goes by the alias Gypsea Lust

The couple met in Fiji last year, and subsequently moved to Bali together, where they still live

Though they’ve made the Indonesian island their home base, they travel to a new country at least once a month

The pair takes all of their own photos, using tripods and timer remotes to take shots of them together


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