20 Times Statistics And Numbers Were Turned Into Entertaining Data Through Infographics

Published 1 year ago

Tired of boring textbooks and lengthy stats? What if we told you that learning new things can be fun by visualizing data in the form of charts and images? Infographics are now coming up as an engaging and effective way to share information.

The r/Infographics subreddit is an online community where folks share amazing infographics to educate and entertain people at the same time. Check out some of their best posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Mythical Beasts Of Wales [oc]

Image source: NeilParkinsonMakes

#2 Highest Ocean Plastic Waste Polluters

Image source: giuliomagnifico

#3 Wikipedia’s Illustration For Gerrymandering

Image source: loodog

#4 Ikigai: The Japanese Concept Of Finding Purpose In Life

Image source: inuetc

#5 The Size And Location Of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Image source: NoComplaint1281

#6 What Happened To Green Cars?

Image source: 100LittleButterflies

#7 If New York City Were 100 People (Nytimes)

Image source: surfinThruLyfe

#8 American Insulin Prices Are Off The Charts

Image source: Big_Maintenance_1789

#9 Head Coverings Worn By Muslim Women

Image source: heavenlydigestion

#10 How Much People Eat

Image source: tarandfeathers

#11 Timeline: The Domestication Of Animals

Image source: giuliomagnifico

#12 The Bruise Spectrum

Image source: Dhorlin

#13 If Only We Could Get One For Avocados

Image source: R3333PO2T

#14 Geography Terms

Image source: MrJones-

#15 We Could Fund Us…

Image source: sillychillly

#16 The Evolution Of Letters

Image source: Lustikheimer

#17 Decline Of Faith Amongst Young American Adults

Image source: reddit.com

#18 Lifespan Of Animals

Image source: drbatookhanxx

#19 History Of Pandemics

Image source: dartmaster666

#20 Leonardo Dicaprio’s Dating History

Image source: everywhere_anyhow

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