20 Of The Most Interesting Facts That People Learned Today Shared To This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

You know what they say – life is a never-ending learning process. However, sometimes we tend to get so caught up in our daily routines, we hardly find time to look up something new and interesting. But worry not – that’s where the Today I Learned subreddit comes in.

The users of said subreddit regularly share the most fascinating facts they’ve learned today, and if they won’t satisfy your thirst for knowledge, I don’t know what will. Check out some interesting facts shared in the TIL online group in the gallery below, and if you want more, make sure to read our earlier articles here, here, and here!

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Image source: shaka_sulu

TIL in the anatomy building at Dalian Medical University, where medical student can practice on cadavers, there’s a sign with a quote from a donor that reads “I’d rather let students try something 20 times on me than see them make one mistake on a future patient.”


Image source: smileylinzi

TIL a defibrillator doesn’t restart a stopped heart. In fact quite the opposite, it actually stops a heart in the middle of a cardiac event, allowing the heart’s natural back-up system to take over and return it to normal sinus rhythm.


Image source: azahran1790

TIL that Muhammad Ali went to Iraq in 1990 against the then president George H.W. Bush’s wishes and secured the release of 15 american citizen hostages held in Iraqi prisons, and brought them home.


Image source: Uggamouse

TIL 30 years ago a tank crushed a small red car in Osijek, Croatia, as a show of force. In 2011 a monument was built: a tiny red car, crushing a tank.


Image source: Brutal_Deluxe_

TIL when the UN’s Nordic Battalion was sent to Bosnia in 1993 it disobeyed orders, broke rules of engagement, faked loss of communication to HQ, and became known as one the most trigger-happy peacekeeper units. This enabled them to achieve their mission objective: to protect civilians at all cost.


Image source: succulentknobgoblin

TIL Goku from DBZ in Japan is voiced by an 84 year old woman, who holds world records for her long-running voice acting career


Image source: AvocadoDemon

TIL that some hikers and researchers have spotted wild birds swearing. It is belived that birds that escaped from captivity teach other wild birds how to speak and swear in English.


Image source: unnaturalorder

TIL in 2018, an electrical engineer on board the Bellingshausen Research station in Antartica stabbed a fellow coworker in the chest multiple times because the colleague had been giving away the endings of books available in the research station’s library.


Image source: rangatang

TIL Graça Machel was married to the President of Mozambique until he died in a plane crash, she later married Nelson Mandela while he was President of South Africa. She is the only person in modern history to be First Lady of two different countries.


Image source: archfapper

TIL that FDR’s White House served notoriously terrible meals. First Lady Eleanor wanted to set an example for the country during the Depression by serving economical meals made from scraps


Image source: spark8000

TIL a legend goes that during the Thirty Years’ War, a Catholic army wanted to destroy Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany for resisting the Count of Tilly. Tilly declared that if anyone could drink a 3.25 L drink of wine in one go, he would spare the town. The local mayor saved the town that day.


Image source: 02K30C1

TIL in 1948, Milwaukee burger chain George Webb’s said they would give free hamburgers if the local baseball team won 12 games in a row. Since then it’s only happened twice: in 1987, and 2018. They honored the promise and gave out hundreds of thousands of free burgers.


Image source: bigbrother2030

TIL that energy consumption in the UK is around the same as the 1970s, due to more efficient appliances and domestic solar technology


Image source: ForgingIron

TIL that in 1524, a statue of the Virgin Mary at the Cathedral in Riga, Latvia, was accused of being a witch. They put it on trial by throwing it in the river. Since the wooden statue floated, they declared it guilty and burned it.


Image source: iLiekTaost

TIL the first Soviet citizen to visit the White House was a female WWII sniper with 309 confirmed kills, one of which was a sniper she dueled for 3 days.


Image source: filthy_lucre

TIL as a prank, a man once climbed Mount Hood in the middle of the night and surreptitiously left a morning newspaper and a quart of milk for his friends, who were spending the night on the summit


Image source: gianthooverpig

TIL British banknotes increase in size as they increase in value to help blind people tell them apart


Image source: shashankgaur

TIL Denmark received a week’s notice to get a team ready for Euro Cup in 1992, to replace Yugoslavia as it was disqualified due to the Yugoslav Wars. Less than a month later, the underdogs were champions.


Image source: FDR-9000

TIL It is quite common for older homes to have piles of razor blades in their walls.


Image source: sophia_rodrigo

TIL that in 1929, determined to prove his hypothesis, Werner Frossman tricked a nurse, inserted a catheter through his own arm, and walked with the inserted tube to an x-ray lab to photograph his discovery, thereby inventing cardiac catheterization and winning a Nobel Prize for it later.

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