Artists Create $400 Accessories By Copying Children’s Doodles

Published 6 years ago

Tasarim Takarim is an incredibly unique jewelry line created by two Istanbul-based artists. Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu is a painter and children art educator and her colleague Özgür Karavit is a sculptor and a goldsmith.

An outstanding idea once occurred to Özgür Karavit as she got inspired by her own children and their unique doodles. Being a professional goldsmith, Karavit created her first brooch from her son’s drawings, and since then these two incredible women haven’t looked back. Their jewelry is known worldwide as each and every design is unique and different and it always has a sentimental value to it. Every piece is either made of silver or gold and doodles can be transformed into necklaces, bracelets, brooches or even tabletops. Their price varies from $100 to $400.

As these artists claim on their personal website, “From that perspective, the idea of transforming the children art into timeless, precious memories was born of our desire to keep the first drawings of our kids and support them.” Scroll down to see these unique jewelry pieces yourself.

You can find more information on their personal Etsy shop and on their website. (h/t MMM)

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