30 Times Folks Online Shared Positive Posts To Lift People’s Spirits

Published 2 years ago

In a world where people hesitate to trust each other, it’s not easy to believe that kindness exists! In a world where the media spreads mostly negative news, it’s difficult to believe that positivity exists!

If you are someone who is frustrated by the bad things happening around you, this post is here to cheer you up. Whether you are just generally upset with how the world is or having a bad day at work, these wholesome posts might lift your spirits up. Scroll below to read them and don’t forget to smile!

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#1 7-Year-Old Does Not Let Alopecia Stop Her From Celebrating Her School’s “Crazy Hair Day’

Image source: Aurora_Olympus

#2 Remember The Old Turkish Man Who Lost Everything In Fire But Saved His Kitten? People Bought A New House For Him And His Three Cats. They Are So Happy Now

Image source: Skywalker_1881

#3 Due To The Extreme Colds Outside, Kütahya Air Force Training Brigade Of Turkish Armed Forces Built This Barracks-Room For Street Cats To Stay In

Image source: Tempest2903

#4 My First Art Exhibition

Image source: Yuuushaa

#5 Wife Is Keeping The House After The Divorce. I’ve Moved Out. This Is What I’m Keeping. Cheers

Image source: nromer11

#6 Opened The Door To This Stray. It’s The Middle Of Winter. I Now Own A Cat

Image source: AnPubLocked

#7 Wholesome Nurse

Image source: eliistender10

#8 Buffalo Man Adopts 5 Siblings So They Won’t Be Split Up In The System

Image source: slhzdh

#9 Pro Wrestler Kisses His Boyfriend In Front Of Homophobic Protestors To “Stand Up Against Hate”

Image source: 0LoveRainbow0

#10 Saw This While Walking Around With My Daughters. It’s About Time

Image source: Idontsuckcompletely

#11 The Amazon Driver Who Delivered My Package At 6PM On Christmas Eve

Image source: pinkandperjurous

#12 A Resident At The Nursing Home My Husband Works At Drew Him From Memory

Image source: judipatooti

#13 Wholesome Vets Post

Image source: vodray

#14 Well Done Professor

Image source: actualdavidrose

#15 Found This Guy Under A Dumpster At Work. He Is Now Living His Best Life

Image source: Flaxenfilly23

#16 Went Back To College Last Week. Been 13 Years And I Am Starting From Square One

Image source: runningdownhill

#17 Love When Grandparents Try New Technology And Like It. It Is So Wholesome Every Time

Image source: HarrisFoster

#18 Teacher Posted This To Parents- So Thoughtful

Image source: Superb_Repair4353

#19 These Band-Aids Designed To Match Different Skin Colors

Image source: alhart89

#20 Statue In My Home Town Made Of 100,000 Knives Removed From UK Streets

Image source: Astelerin

#21 Minecraft Quilt. Best Ever. It’s One Of A Kind, And Absolutely Amazing

Image source: DWiko

#22 I Struggle With Schizoaffective Disorder. I Make Artwork To Cope. This Is My Latest Piece

Image source: Rogosjin

#23 It Was Meant To Be

Image source: deaflibertarian

#24 My 3-Year-Old Son Just Beat Cancer (And I’m So Happy)

Image source: Sebcorgan

“This summer my 3-year-old son was diagnosed with stage 4 abdominal cancer. After several chemo cures and final surgery, the treatment is officially over since yesterday: no more cancerous cells in his body. As a father, I’m so happy and proud of my little hero.”

#25 14 Years Of Substance Abuse, 6 Years On The Street/In Shelter, At 32 Have My 1st Place

Image source: HardcoreHermit

#26 Just Adopted A 13-Year-Old Cat. Who Gets Rid Of An Old Cat? She’s Great At Purring

Image source: SpecialFeet

#27 This Wholesome Coworker

Image source: im_just_laur

#28 Safe

Image source: eohiggins

#29 After A Lifetime Of Having Bad Teeth, I Decided To Do Something About It 2 Years Ago. Here’s The Finished Product – I’m Finally All Done

Image source: obvnotlupus

#30 This Little Baby (Cider) Was Finally Adopted From The Humane Society Of Marshall County

Image source: Mocking_jai

Saumya Ratan

Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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