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10+ Times People Regretted Asking Korean Photoshop Masters For Help

Published 3 years ago

#11 Please Lower The Pants Below The Sock So That You Can’t See Them And Put A Bottle Of Soju In Front Of Me

#12 You Can’t See My Face. Could You Brighten It Up?

#13 Make This Pic Of Bored Me More Dramatic

#14 Please Add A Bear Or Something

#15 Make Me Taller Than My Friend

#16 Make The Cheese Look Better

#17 Help Make This Photo Of Me At The Grand Canyon Look More Realistic

#18 I Want To Cut My Face For A Profile Pic. But When I Cut The Image, The Waitress Is Always In The Shot. Please Make It So I Can Cut Out My Photo For A Profile

#19 Put A Pretty Girl Next To Me

#20 Please Remove The Couple Behind And Make The Sky Clear So The Cherries Could Bloom


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