Lazing in and around Mumbai: Best Weekend Getaways

Published 8 years ago

Mumbai, the city of dreams is one of the speediest and swankiest urban regions to live in India. Considering that it has some of the best nightclubs, bars and coffee shops in the city, we additionally realize that when the weekend rings in, the majority of these spots are brimming with revellers, which makes it even hard to breathe, forget relaxing! For the very purpose, there are some tranquil, gorgeous and life inducing destinations in the vicinity of Mumbai that make for ideal weekend escapades. Also, do not start enquiring about the Mumbai to Pune taxi fare, or Matheran, Lonavala for that matter. It’s time to explore something unconventional.

The mainstream and most sought after weekend getaways from Mumbai undoubtedly are Pune, Lonavala, Khandala, etc. But why always consider the mainstreams? Before you consider haggling for the Mumbai to Pune taxi fare, wait a minute! Read through this section and maybe, you get an all new destination to tread to.


On any standard weekend, making a trip to Tarkarli and back in pretty much two evenings will wind up being definitely not unwinding and it just bodes well to visit this town in the Sindhudurg area when you have no less than four days to save. Amid these long weekends, you could select yourself into a short endorsement course in scuba jumping and appreciate other water sports offered in here.

Harihareshwar Beach

Who doesn’t care to invest a tranquil amount of time at some beach? In any case, with the expanding impressions on Mumbai’s shorelines, it turns into somewhat hard to appreciate the magnificence of the ocean. For all the water-darlings, the beach of Harihareshwar can be an awesome choice. Situated around 200 kms from Mumbai, the spot has two shorelines close to the renowned sixteenth century Harihareshwar sanctuary. Limited by the Sahyadri slopes, this spot can be gone to in any season. On the off chance that you are going in mid-February, keep in mind to look at Velas, which has a yearly Turtle Festival.


Vengurla is a destination implied for the beach babies, with five immaculate beaches, namely the Nivati, Shiroda, Mochemad, Sagareshwar and the Vayangani beach to explore. Vengurla is one of the best destinations to make a beeline for in case you’re searching for a loosening up experience and wish to spend your days only lazing by the blue beach waters.

Lonar Crater

Situated in Buldana region of Maharashtra, this intriguing lake is believed to be more than 50,000 years old because of a meteor effect which shaped a crater which is 1.83 kilometers in width and 150 meters deep. Aside from the mind blowing magnificence of the lake and a couple of treks, the spot is well known for a few sanctuaries like Daitya Sudan sanctuary and Kamalija sanctuary situated around the lake.


Jawhar is a quaint hill station situated at an elevation of 518 m, and has a great deal of vacation spots like the Dabhosa waterfall, Hanuman point, Kalmandvi waterfall, and so forth. It is additionally celebrated for its lovely Warli artistic creations which are known as the sign of this spot. Jai Vilas Palace, found adjacent, is likewise a brilliant destination. Jawhar is likewise called the Mahabaleshwar of Thane locale. To know more about this place in depth, you can refer to the web or any Mumbai Travel Guide.

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