Artist Hannah Baker Paints Her Sisters’ Bedroom Walls To Look Like A Scene From Legend Of Zelda (10 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

Hanna Baker is an artist from High Point, NC, who runs Platypus Murals. She has been designing and hand-painting incredibly detailed murals for homes and businesses since 2007 but has recently tackled a person project – painting her little sisters’ room.

“I love painting, and I’m always looking for new projects! I especially love doing full room transformations,” said the artist. “So when my little sisters asked me to paint their room, I wanted to create something they would love.” Hannah said they’re all fans of The Legend of Zelda and the beautiful open-world scenery of the Breath of the Wild seemed like the perfect idea for the room. Her sisters helped her prepare the walls and ceiling and the artist spent the next few weeks painting. “I even included glow in the dark elements!” added the artist.

Hannah says her sisters love her new room and we’re sure you will too – check out the whole process and the end result in the gallery below!

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“The sheets match the color palette, too!”

In progress

“I printed out screenshots that I took from my own file on the game to use as a reference. I spent a lot of time researching locations in the game by exploring Hyrule with Link.”

Link and Epona in front of Dueling Peaks

Painting up high

“Even the ceiling was painted for this mural! I love the way it transforms the whole room, but it can be challenging!”


“There’s a secret door in this picture, can you find it?”

Here’s what the outside of that door looks like

“I made the door look like you are coming out of the Shrine of Resurrection.”

Some fun minor details…

… Little critters…

… Giant creatures!

“A loot-crate as a suggestion of where to keep things that are most precious to my sisters.”

Check out the tour of the room in the video below

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