Less Is More: 5 Super Modern Kitchens

Published 9 years ago

When it comes to remodeling and building your home, one of the many important areas of concern is, your kitchen. Having to deal with small spaces with the desire to fit in almost everything in your dream kitchen can get very challenging. While you would hope to design the kitchen with the latest trends and material, you must take into consideration that clustering all ideas into one is a big no. Less is more, as the saying goes, and remodeling your kitchen with minimum space usage is what we’re going to draw light on.

Pocket Size Vintage-Style Kitchen

Homes with compact area and pocket size kitchens have a lot of potential and areas that can be worked on. It’s only now, in recent modern day years, that homemakers love the idea of elaborate, huge and spacious kitchens. But small dining areas and kitchens can too be designed to make everything available. The concept of pocket size, vintage designed kitchens is new and refreshing. The use of wooden flooring is always a safe bet, as it’s light on the foot and comforting, as opposed to marble or tile flooring. Choose to have a cozy, vintage feel to your kitchen, building a kitchen around your window pane, with earthen colours and inbuilt cabinets makes this successful.

Clean, Modern And Efficient Kitchen

Along with keeping your kitchen updated, trendy and fully equipped. You cannot neglect prioritising cleanliness. For those with tiny spaces, allow equipment and appliances that need attention to be placed openly. Whereas store things that aren’t used on a day to day basis. Create niches and shelves into walls where things tend to get clustered. Protruding shelves could cause traffic. If there is little or no place for a dining area, install a small two seater wooden table, appropriate and a great substitute for a missing island. Where you could have your quick meals and rush out for the day. Foldable furniture is also acceptable as this will only help you keep the kitchen tidy and clean.

Space-Saving Kitchen

As mentioned earlier, not having a big area for a kitchen does not limit your desires to build the ideal kitchen. Ways to saving space could begin from your very essential sink and stove. Instead of installing a double bowl, settle for a single bowl sink that does the job equally well and saves a lot of space. If you an empty wall narrow enough to just about decorate with paintings, don’t waste it. You could be innovative, drill in some hooks and hang in your slender pans and a few kitchen tools. These modern ideas and way of kitchen life is easy to adapt to. It’s what we call all points restoration

Luxe Appliances In A Small Space

When purchasing luxe appliances for your kitchen, choose to hang on to those old vintage looking stoves and built in dishwashers. Be sure to research ovens that not only heat, but grill, bake and is more than a multipurpose appliance. Along with it being a great investment its space smart and space saving.

Ecofriendly Bare Essentials

Another useful tip to the modern day kitchen is your eco friendly use of accessories and products. Recycled wooden spatulas is the first initiative to an eco friendly lifestyle. Avoid plastic and encourage recyclable items, along with implementing the practice of separating your wet garbage and dry garbage. An eco friendly lifestyle is always healthy.

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