5 Fantastic Ideas To Style Your Coffee Table

Published 8 years ago

When you enter a family or living room, the spotlight is always on the coffee table. Yet, it is quite often used either as a stacking spot for magazines, newspapers and remote controls, or simply left empty. A coffee table is one of the most significant pieces of furniture in a home. So why not spend a little energy, time and creativity to style this blank canvas sitting in the centre of your living space?

Keep an Eye on the Colour Palette

While styling the table, ensure that you consider the palette as carefully as you would choose your wall art. It is essential to be meticulous with every hue, whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour or keep things understated and neutral.

Start with Trays

What is the foundation for the chic coffee tables you ask? Trays! Whether you want a spot for corralling items such as books and remote, or just a spot to display various knick-knacks, trays make everything on the table look elegant and polished. They are great conversation starters too and dress up the table quite neatly. You can group decorative objects such as flowers, artworks, coasters and even cocktails in order to bring about a unified look on the table, instead of letting these random objects just sit on it.

Pile on Those Pretty Books

There’s a reason why coffee table books are called coffee table books. By piling on some books with bold lettering and bright covers, you’ll add some colour and charm to your table. This table décor tactic is also a great way of sharing a bit of your personality with your guest and infusing it into the living room space. The local bookshop is the perfect place to find books that double as display pieces.

Bring the Outdoors In

You can give the centre table a more organic character by adding some greenery and freshness to it. Don’t make the common mistake of just piling on books in order to style your table. Bring in a touch of nature by arranging an assortment of sculptures, vases and vessels, filled with trimmed branches and flowers. The plants will add freshness to your living room space, and are also easy to change, depending on the season or your mood.

Add a Conversation Starter

It is said that artfully arranged, anything could be an object of interest or beauty. A decorative item possessing sculptural, quirky or interesting value can be placed on the table to grab the attention of your guests. It could be anything that would represent something dear to you or your personality, which people would want a closer look at. This not only increases interest in the centre table, but is also a great way to start a conversation when you are playing host. Placing a stack of photographs from your latest adventure or event also sparks instant interest.

Be it starting a conversation about the table set-up or playing with nature in your choice of accent pieces, it is essential that you choose objects that evoke interest and elegance on their own. When put together, they’ll end up creating quite the statement. Although it is hip to follow the trend, think outside the box to add an element of uniqueness to let your table take the spotlight it deserves.






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