25 Creative and Modern Bookshelves

Published 14 years ago

Even if you don’t read books – having a bookshelf filled with smart books will immediately make you look smarter! And if that bookshelf also happens to be stylish and cool looking – boom! You look smart ant stylish at the same time!

So, to help you find one – we have here an incredible collection of cool and creative bookshelf design examples. Enjoy!

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1. Icelandic Tree

Designer: Maria Yasko

2. Books On Earthquakes

This is how Barbie’s House looks like after earthquake.. Designer: Smansk

3. Rill

Designer: Maria Yasko

4. Bee

Designer: Maria Yasko

5. Milky Waterfall

Designer: Maria Yasko and Igor Marisko

6. Bookwave Hanging Storage

Designer: Julien Vidame

7. Collapsing Bookshelf

Designer: Parsy Debon

8.  Bookshelf With a Bench

Designer: Stanislav Katz

9. USA Bookshelf

Designer: Ron Arad

10. Between Lines

The work consists of laser cut stainless steel letter bands and then rubber coated in black. Each of the 2.7 meter letter bands can be coiled up to a small roll, unfolded and re-shaped to an infinite array of configurations. Without additional brackets the letter bands are simply screwed to the wall.

By: Wokmedia

11. Crash

Crash plays with the visual tension between chaos and order: the shape might be perceived as chaotic and out of angle, yet the construction is highly stabile.

Designer:  Rainer Mutsch

12. Wave Shelving

Designer: Julien Vidame

13. Pulse Bookshelf

Designer: Måns Salomonsen

14. Movement Bookcase

Designer: Sungmin Hong

15. Chaos Theory For Books

Designer: Kim Ji-hye

16. Second And a Half Dimension Shelves

Designer: Bjørn Jørund Blikstad

17. Hanging Books

Designer: Marianne van Ooi

18. When a Room Has No Rules

The shelf system consists of three parts that can be combined in different ways. The smallest part is only about 40cm high and the largest is one meter. They can be used as bookshelves, room dividers, art…anything you want them to be.

Designer: Andreas Hegert

19. Roll Up With a Good Book

Designer: Zhdanova Irina

20. The Line King

“Line” furniture system incorporates a work table, hanger, bookshelf, wine rack, CD rack, TV stand and lighting unit. The most important characteristic of “Line” is it being a no-break line.

Designer: Aykut Erol

21.  Polar Bear Shelf

Designer: Ibride

22. Skateboard Shelf

Designer: unknown

23. Contrabass

Designer: unknown

24. Stairs

Designer: Levitate

25. Malus Communis

Designer: Defact Studio

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