Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera

Published 13 years ago

I was really proud of my new executive leather chair until I stumbled upon this Octopus Chair made by Maximo Riera. Then I realized – you’re not a boss if you aren’t sitting on the Octopus Chair! It’s so majestic, so alive – I almost hear it breathing.

Designer: Maximo Riera

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The artist wanted to be faithful to the animal’s physique and the natural majesty of its movements, therefore  Maximo attended to each physical detail of the octopus in order to make the animal the unique protagonist of the whole piece.

The main reason Maximo Riera chose to create a chair is because it is an everyday object, something taken as common and banal in our lives.

“Whilst considering the chair’s basic functionality, I also wanted to bring it alive, make it more present and create a stronger link between the spectator, the piece and the surrounding space,” says the artist.

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