25 Astonishing Facts About Popular Movies, As Shared By This Online Group

Published 4 months ago

Reddit, a hub for diverse communities and discussions, recently played host to an intriguing question that sent movie enthusiasts into a frenzy: “What’s a movie fact you know that pretty much no one else knows?” The thread quickly garnered attention, and cinephiles from around the globe flocked to share their obscure yet fascinating insights into the world of cinema.

Let’s delve into some of the most interesting and lesser-known movie facts revealed by Reddit users.

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Image source: KermitTheFraud92, movie-screencaps.com

The crew agreed to do the shower scene in Starship Troopers so long as the director was also naked. And he was


Image source: thepoeticpatient, Cringe Cook

In ‘Contagion’, the autopsy performed on Gwyneth Paltrow used a prop head that was originally made for the finale of ‘Seven’. The latter decided against showing what was in the box and thus, years later it was repurposed.

In other words, we finally got to see what was in the box.


Image source: Bikesbassbeerboobs, movie-screencaps.com

In Fight Club, Marla’s original line after having sex with Tyler was “I want to have your abortion”. The studio deemed this WAAY too offensive, and demanded it be changed. The producer agreed to change it only after the studio agreed that whatever he changed it to, they would have no say in it.

He changed it to “I haven’t been f****d like that since grade school”


Image source: Dimebag0352, Movieclips

In Wayne’s World, when Wayne plays Stairway to Heaven and the store clerk points to a sign that says No Stairway to Heaven, the audience is led to believe the clerks banned the song because they were tired of hearing it. However, the actual song was supposed to be featured in the movie but Led Zeppelin’s PR people pulled the plug at the last minute. So when Wayne says “no stairway, denied”. That’s what he means.


Image source: mossadspydolphin, MGM

Elle Woods has a different hairstyle in every scene in Legally Blonde


Image source: TMac1088, movie-screencaps.com

The original Halloween (1978) took place in Illinois in October. However, it was filmed in California in the springtime. To make it more believable, they had bags of dead autumn leaves shipped in.

There was a person whose job it was to scatter the leaves around the set, then bag them back up and move them to the next filming location.


Image source: LordyIHopeThereIsPie, FilmIsNow Movie Bloopers & Extras

The ship built for the Titanic set was 90% the size of the real thing.

James Cameron spent more time with the real Titanic than those who sailed on her.


Image source: neerdowell, movie-screencaps.com

Most of the cast of The Sound of Music, particularly Christopher Plummer, thought the movie was corny as hell. Not that they don’t appreciate its legacy or impact – it’s just objectively a ridiculously saccharine, albeit classic, film. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer were so overcome by the corn fest that is the song “Something Good” that they couldn’t get through a take without laughing and giggling. The decision was made to obscure their faces slightly, which is why the scene we see today is in silhouette.


Image source: HauntedHippie, movie-screencaps.com

Carrie Fisher said that one time Alec Guinness gave Mark Hamill £10 to leave him alone. ?


Image source: DorkusMalorkus89, animationscreencaps.com

The original choice for Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story was Billy Crystal. He turned it down and went on to say it was one of the biggest mistakes of his career. When the opportunity to voice Mike in Monsters Inc came up he jumped at it, as he didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.


Image source: Hockeyplopp, movie-screencaps.com

Lotr fans are known for knowing every single trivia. but i find it weird that not more people know that Gandalf says you shall not pass because the allies motto during ww1 was they shall not pass and Tolkien served during ww1.


Image source: smdanes, anthonyhopkins

Anthony Hopkins is an incredible mimic. Throughout his career, he’s looped (post production sound re-recording) many well known co stars who were unavailable for re-recording sessions. He’s never taken credit for this.


Image source: Zefram0911, movie-screencaps.com

Robert Eungland, Freddie Kreuger…originally auditioned to be Luke Skywalker… but didnt get the role. He told his roommate Mark Hamil to go try out instead.


Image source: hoopajewpp, movie-screencaps.com

In Titanic, the lake in Wisconsin where Jack says he fell through the ice didn’t exist yet. When Jack told Rose about how cold the water in the North Atlantic was, he mentioned himself falling through the ice in Lake Wissota, Wisconsin. Titanic sank in 1912, and Lake Wissota wasn’t created until 1917.


Image source: itzshif, movie-screencaps.com

The couple kissing in Hook as Peter and Tinkerbell fly over them are George Lucas snd Carrie Fisher.


Image source: coprolite_hobbyist, movie-screencaps.com

In _Fight Club_, in the scene where Ed and Brad wreck in the car, Ed crawls out of the driver’s side, an early clue that he is Tyler. the part that few know is that there was an argument about it. Production thought it was a continuity error. Fincher was like ‘nah’ and didn’t explain.


Image source: bickel89, animationscreencaps.com

In the first Shrek movie Lord Farquaad is removing all the fairy tale creatures from the swamp. He wants Shreks home too. In the old DVD extras they explain it’s because he wants to build a theme park there. It’s not explained at all in the movie.


Image source: DracoAdamantus, Renato Land

Who Framed Rodger Rabbit

Judge Doom (played by Christopher Lloyd) never blinks once the entire movie. I won’t say why for the sake of spoilers.

I could talk at length about the crazy techniques and control rigs they developed to create what was the best ever integration of live action and animation, but that’s my favorite fact.


Image source: el_goyo_rojo, Movieclips

When filming the rooftop scene in The Departed, a giant inflatable Arthur the Aardvark on top of a nearby children’s museum would have dominated the background of many of the shots. The museum graciously agreed to temporarily deflate and remove Arthur.


Image source: joshak3, movie-screencaps.com

“E.T.” and “Poltergeist” were developed from the same story about alien abductions.

Steven Spielberg wrote a story treatment called “Watch the Skies” and had John Sayles flesh it out as a draft called “Night Skies.” Spielberg later decided to shift it in a more heartwarming direction, resulting in “E.T.”, so he tapped Tobe Hooper to film the original version, but Hooper replaced aliens with the paranormal and it became “Poltergeist.”


Image source: WilHunting2, movie-screencaps.com

Every single scene in Home Alone contains something red and green in it.

Go check for yourself if you don’t believe me


Image source: tsarchasm1, movie-screencaps.com

Anthony Hopkins was on screen less than 17 minutes in Silence of the Lambs. This did not stop him from winning Best Actor academy award.


Image source: Darnitol1, movie-screencaps.com

In Edward Scissorhands, the version shown to critics and reviewers contained a scene that got cut from the final theatrical version. The scene was during the opening when the grandmother starts telling her story to the little girl. Essentially, it made it clear that everything we are seeing in Edward’s story is not as it actually occurred, but rather we’re peering inside the little girl’s imagination, seeing how she’s interpreting what her grandmother is telling her. This brings whole new meaning to things like the way the houses are painted, how all the dads leave for work at exactly the same time, and the quirkiness of how everyone behaves. Once you know that this scene exists, you see the movie in a very different way. Much of what we think of a “Tim Burton weirdness” is actually childlike imagination once you know.

So, go watch it again. It’s not a whole new movie, but it feels and comes across in a whole new way.


Image source: Ruslan124, movie-screencaps.com

In Casablanca with Humphry Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, there is a farewell scene with the two stars kissing inside an airplane hangar. The hanger has a plane outside (Lockheed Electra 12A) with a bunch of people working around it.

The production was not allowed to film at an airport after dark for security reasons, so they used a sound stage with a small cardboard cutout airplane and forced perspective. The strange part is to give perspective of distance, they used little people for the workers.


Image source: Yerm_Terragon, animationscreencaps.com

It is a widely discussed easter egg in Toy Story 3 that at the beginning of the film, there is a garbage man who wears the same t-shirt that Sid wore in the first movie. Many online outlets were quick to point this out, theorizing that this might actually be Sid now grown up. What all of these outlets failed to realize is that while they were distracted by the credits sequences, Sid was actually listed in the credits. So yes, it is Sid. Hard confirm. You are not a sleuth for noticing this.

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