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Published 8 years ago

Most of the people would say that that the progress marketing made since people started making elaborate marketing campaigns for the first time was a change for better. Although that is undoubtedly true, everyone who has ever tried its luck in marketing has, at least once in its career, longed for the times when people would simply go out and shoot in the air to get other’s attention. Is it possible then to make this complicated affair if just a little bit simpler, and bring marketing back to its roots? Sure. As always, all we have to do is to listen to the people who already found the way out of this complicated maze.

Every profitable business is run by people with the same traits: focus, commitments to a plan and a motivation. – Dustin Briley

With the multi-million dollar track record of success and names like Yoobly.com and Tattos.com on his resume, Dustin Briley is one of current marketing rising stars. According to him, the key to the success in his career was going to work with the right attitude. The largest contributors to any failure you may face at your job are not the unfavorable circumstances, but the lack of important personal traits. Building your careers on such foundations is like a building a house on the sand.

Learn the classic age-old lessons first and then bring them into a modern context to deliver the best message to your audience. – Jerod Morris

What this writer, editor, and an expert in content marketing is, essentially, trying to say is that, no matter how marketing may be changing, its end goal will always remain the same, so if you want to succeed in the business, you should never lose sight of the things that gave results in the past. If you manage to put a new twist on them, you will make them work again. That is the main reason why, in spite all the new things digital marketing brought on the table, we continue to see referral programs, and gamification successfully surviving.

While it is important to create a presence on new platforms you also want to be conservative with your investments. – Viveka von Rosen

Continuing on what Jerod had to say is this advice from Viveka von Rosen, author of the book LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day. Not every newest platform is the one that will provide the best results in the future. While it is always important to go with the flow and establish presence on every platform that is currently being considered mainstream, aimlessly chasing the next hot thing without making sure your efforts will be rewarded will lead you nowhere. In short, do not fall for the shiny until you are sure you can make some use of it.

In order to best understand social media, you need to become a part of the communities. – Neal Schaffer

Although it is devised in office, marketing is a process that envelops in the real world, or in the case of social media, involves real-life people. That is why Neal Schaffer, a global social media strategy expert, claims that if you want to make results, you have to “get your hands dirty” and learn about each particular social media’s community first-hand. We would add that this advice can be applied to all other marketing areas, too.

Always remember this: Make it about your customers’ needs. A great utility is something that adds tremendous value to individuals’ lives – and in doing so, makes them more naturally aligned with your brand. – Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel, digital marketing expert and the author of several books covering this topic makes a great point here – Marketing is not about you, marketing is about customers’ needs. Playing to those needs, and making sure that customers can find themselves in your marketing strategy can very easily turn them from the brand followers to brand evangelists.

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