List of Things You Can do in Delhi For Free

Published 8 years ago

Delhi has been attracting huge amount of visitors to its streets for a long time now. Not only the people from India visit the capital city but also the citizens from all around the world visit Delhi for an awesome time. For those who travel on budget we have compiled a list of things you can do in Delhi for free that will help you learn about the history of the city. You don’t shell a single cent and you get to know the city ain’t it a profitable deal for you. So what are you waiting for book one of the Dehradun to Delhi flights travel to have an experience you will remember for lifetime. Here are some things you can do in Delhi for free.

1. Explore the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk: Have you ever wandered aimlessly in the streets of your neighborhood? No, then this is the time and the place where a wanderer will find his soul. The markets of Chandni chowk are jampacked throughout the year and the reason is the modestly priced commodities you will find here. If you are tired of shopping then have a munch in the famous paranthe wali gali and your day is made.

2. Visit the peaceful Lotus Temple: Fed up of all the traffic jams and loud noises that you hear in the city? Visit this place and you will feel like in heaven. Surrounded by gardens from four sides, the main campus of the temple is intricately built and you insides are even more magnificent. People are persuaded to switch off their mobiles and sit inside to pray to their gods. The temple is open for people of all religions and has to be on your list if you are going to Delhi.

3. Have delicious langar at Bangla Sahib: One of the most important shrines for sikhs, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara offers a pristine environment with people visiting the temple from all over the world. When inside you will hear the Gurbani which is a holy prayer of the sikhs. After spending some time inside go to the mess are and enjoy the delicious food served there for free known as the Langar. Gurudwaras open their doors for people of every religion and that is what makes it even more special.

4. Listen to qawwali at Nizamuddin mosque: Have you seen the qawwali scene in Amar Akbar Anthony? If your answer is yes then you must have thought how the live qawwali would sound like. Well here is your answer, the qawwali session at Nizamuddin mosque is one of the best things to experience in Delhi for free and the style in which they sing the songs will make you go berserk. Visit the mosque on Thursdays in the evening to experience the famous qawwali sessions!

These things will help you see Delhi in its truest form and rest assured that you won’t be disappointed after indulging in these activities. However, book your tickets on the Dehradun to Delhi flights in advance so as to save money. Also, check out various places to visit in Delhi and plan your itinerary accordingly.

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Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple

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