17 Of The Most Dreamlike Houses On Earth

Published 10 years ago

These 17 mystical cottages aren’t images from some childhood fairytale – they’re actual structures that exist somewhere in the world. The cold, boring and concrete lines of modern architecture are definitely not for these architects – their homes are full of organic and unusual forms.

It is said that one’s home can speak volumes about whomever it is that lives inside. If so, what do these homes say about the people that live there?

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Hobbit House In Wales, UK

Image credits: simondale.net

Fairy Tale Cottage in Canada

Image credits: jamesbirkbeckart.tumblr.com

Three Story Treehouse in British Columbia, Canada

Image credits: imgur.com

Nautilus House in Mexico

Image credits: Arquitectura Organica

Hobbit House in New Zealand

Image credits: Ian Brodie

The Seashell House in Mexico

Image credits: airbnb.com

Rustic Way Whimsical House in Minnesota

Image credits: rusticway.com

Dome Home in Thailand

Image credits: steveareen.com

Stone House in Portugal

Image credits: jsome1

Image credits: VRfoto

Akebono Kodomo-no-mori Park in Japan

Image credits: yui kubo

Forest House in Netherlands

Image credits: panoramio.com

Abandoned Wooden House in Russia

Image credits: Andrew Qzmn

Tiny Victorian Cottage in the Catskills, New York

Image credits: myshabbystreamsidestudio.blogspot.com

Crazy House in Vietnam

Image credits: thedailybeast.com

Traditional House in Iceland

Image credits: Filippo Bianchi

Maison de Sorcière Avec Ciel d’orage in France

Image credits: panoramio.com

Teahouse Tetsu in Yamanashi, Japan

Image credits:  Terunobu Fujimori

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