Man’s Best Wooden Friend

Published 7 years ago

Chilean design studio Radishapes has launched its new collection of wooden toys. The collection consists of two dogs made with native wood from southern Chile. Tommy and Chester are totally articulated toys, these can adopt all the positions of a real dog. The design process lasted about 5 months in which various mechanisms were tested to achieve the goal of fully articulated. These products are manufactured through a mixture of CNC machinery with the traditional woodworking processes of sanding and polishing.

The aesthetics and proportions of these toys were obtained from the analysis of two different breeds of dogs, the Irish Setter and the Bassethound.

Tommy & Chester bet on awakening the curiosity of children and adults. ‘’We believe that the aesthetics and design of these products can brighten up any room or office.’’

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Made with Mañio wood

Tommy and Chester


Made with Rauli Pellin wood

Tommy and parts

The pieces are manufactured with cnc machinery and polished by hand.

Wood and leather

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