Awesome Masking Tape Design Turns Any Notebook Into A Calendar

Published 8 years ago

We rejoice every time we see how a clever design can turn something so common, we’ve been using for decades, into a new product. That’s what happened when the guys from Japanese shop icco nico have turned a simple masking tape into a calendar-making kit.

They’ve released two kinds of duct tape with dates and weekdays simply printed on the see-through tape. This allows you to turn any piece of paper (or any surface where it sticks, really) into a calendar. The masking tape is 10 m (33 ft) long and, based on the calculations, will account for more than 4 years worth of planning.

The creators are also about to release the Sticking Calendar in the coming days. To get organized yourself, you can try snatching those on their website or from their Amazon shop for 680 yen (about $6) each.

More info: icco nico (h/t: spoon&tamago)

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