30 ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things People Spotted And Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 1 year ago

Sometimes, we see things that are not too fascinating but still catch our attention for some reason. Observant people are really good at spotting these things.

In fact, thanks to those observant folks, we have a subreddit devoted to Mildly Interesting” things. Scroll below to see some of their best posts. Also, check out our previous posts here and here!

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#1 There’s A Desserts-Only Mini Mcdonalds Outside My Hotel

Image source: umichscoots

#2 Opened A Clif Builder Bar To Find A Piece Taken Out

Image source: Snowedin-69

#3 I Toasted Bread To Absolute Perfection

Image source: InFlames235

#4 My Local Hospital Has Provided A House For A Cat That Frequently Visits

Image source: syncopant

#5 An Origami Dwarf I Folded

Image source: JonSnuu69

#6 This Snow Puppy My Wife Casually Threw Together

Image source: snakedoctor223

#7 1956 Truck Looks Brand New

Image source: SubieYoshi

#8 My Takeout Rice Container Was 100% Filled

Image source: SwashbucklingWeasels

#9 This 57-Year Old Telegram My Grandpa Sent My Grandma

Image source: kevinmparkinson

#10 My Grocery Store Blocks Out Characters On Packaging

Image source: Trooperlite

#11 This Enormous Mountain Of Saffron In A Bazar In Tehran

Image source: Lucamadeus93

#12 At My Job We Have 2 Of These Foam Things Hanging, Specifically For People To Poke, So That The Other Ones Don’t Get Destroyed And We Don’t Have To Throw Them Away

Image source: Jamie_logan

#13 The Vegetable Shops Here Show A Pic Of The Farmer

Image source: keebler980

#14 Toaster Bath Bomb I Found At The Mall

Image source: frogmug

#15 This 1969 Dollar Bill We Found In My Dad’s Small Money Collection With A 00000001 Serial Number

Image source: Miss_Behaves

#16 This Bottom Left Window Is Actually A Painting

Image source: BannedFromEarth

#17 Took A Small Squirt Of My Shaving Gel, And Got A Little Chicken!

Image source: DetailFactory

#18 A Local Pizzeria Started Using A Dough Ball Instead Of The Plastic Thingies To Keep The Pizza Intact

Image source: UnintentionalExpat

#19 Home Made Cheese Aging In One Of My Refrigerator “Cheese Caves”

Image source: 5ittingduck

#20 My 1 Euro Coin Fell Apart

Image source: AddAFucking

#21 I Can Grip Things Backwards

Image source: SentientPotato42

#22 This Building Im In Has Chairs And Desks Mounted On The Wall

Image source: WillyHeeler

#23 An Egg I Bought From A Farmer’s Market (Bottom) Compared To A Store Bought One

Image source: pls_dont_ban_mod

#24 Someone Knitted A Sweater For Their Car’s Emblem

Image source: bluemoonlighter

#25 The Ceiling Lights In This Medical Test Lab Are In The Form Of Electrocardiogram (Ecg)

Image source: thesahilpatel

#26 A Park In My City Was Adopted By The Satanic Temple

Image source: ShowerStew

#27 The Bubbles At The Bottom Of My Water Glass Look Like A Script Of Some Kind

Image source: Lilt34

#28 Tall Skinny Snowman Made With A Bucket

Image source: randalwon

#29 I Have An Uncanny Resemblance To The Freya Carving At Epcot’s Stave Church

Image source: norskunna

#30 We Found Neighbouring Houses With The Same Colours As Our Jackets

Image source: pantalooon

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