Astrophotographer Captures The Milky Way Shining In All Its Glory Over The Devils Tower

Published 10 years ago

This amazing shot of a night sky with the Milky Way Galaxy hanging over the Devil’s Tower in the prairies of Wyoming (Western USA) was captured in all of its glory by Kansas-based astrophotographer Dave Lane. The photo was featured as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day on 31st October together with an annotated version that pinpoints quite a few of the Halloween-themed nebulae seen in the photo.

The beauty of the Milky Way is quite overwhelming in itself, but the location where the photo was taken is also very interesting from a geological perspective. The Devil’s Tower, seen in the center of the photo, is a peculiar 1,267-foot-tall geological formation standing in the middle of a grassland surrounded by Ponderosa pine forests in Woyming. Showered by worships and praises for thousands of years, the Tower became the first National Monument of the USA in 1906.

More info: apod.nasa.govFacebook (h/t: laughingsquid)

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