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This Man Turned Old Truck Into Mobile Shower To Help Homeless People

Published 5 years ago

After years of helping the homeless in St. Louis, Missouri, Jake Austin has become well in tune with the problems they face. He figured that the hygiene supplies that homeless people receive are often going to waste when they don’t have a safe place to use them. So he set off to change that with a mobile shower on wheels project he calls Shower to the People.

Fo the project Austin repurposed an old truck he bought for $5,000 from Craigslist by fitting a fully fledged bathroom in the back of it. For the interior he raised money through a GoFundMe campaign and now it can serve up to 60 people in need with warm showers. Water is taken from the fire hydrants and warmed up by an external generator, allowing the truck to travel freely around the cities (that’s plural because in the near future Austin plans to expand into more U.S. cities).

At first glance, hygiene might not seem like the top of the priority list for homeless people, but it’s actually a big deal when you’re trying to find and keep a job. It helps to avoid some of the illnesses and infections and importantly it helps you to remain a member of society. As Austin explains: “Good hygiene promotes health, fosters hope, and restores dignity to those who may have lost it.

More info: shower to the people | facebook | twitterinstagram (h/t: mymodernmet)

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