50 Most Creative Barcode Designs Ever

Published 5 years ago

The humble barcode has come a long way since it was first invented by Norman Joseph Woodland, an American inventor who received a patent for the ubiquitous black and white stripes found on pretty much everything way back in 1952.

Check out this awesome list of creative barcodes to see what we mean. From bird cages and fish bones to tree roots and accordions, these clever designs prove that good package design can turn an ordinary barcode into something extraordinary.

Oh, and by the way, did you know that the first product with a barcode was scanned in a supermarket in Troy, Ohio, on June 26th 1974? It was a 10-pack of Wrigley’s Juicey Fruit chewing gum, and you can find it on display at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 These Spaghetti Have A Pretty Clever Barcode

Image source: jmb2624

#2 The Barcode On My Shaving Cream

Image source: windupalarm

#3 Barcode On The Back Of A Children’s Book About Thunderstorms

Image source: infiniteloooop

#4 Accordion – Black Prairie Album

Image source: BarcodeBabe

#5 The Roots Of The Tree Are The Barcode

Image source: RaffiGeukdjian

#6 Organic Wheatgrass

Image source: allisonasia

#7 A Waiter Carrying A Stack Of Plates

Image source: OsakaJob

#8 This Barcode

Image source: FlyHater

#9 Weirdest Barcode

Image source: lovebug_22

#10 Fisherman

Image source: Penélope Lira

#11 Wine With Blended In Barcode

Image source: helderbergwinery

#12 This Barcode Is A Bird Cage

Image source: zeusonjuice

#13 This Barcode Is The New York City Skyline

Image source: theopposite

#14 Gaiety Tea

Image source: Sarah Cameron, Jia Ying Gnoh, Alex Butenko

#15 The Barcode On This Beer

Image source: jaaaaaaaaaaaash

#16 This Shower Gel Barcode Is A Shower

Image source: reddit

#17 For Book Jacket – Good Red Herring

Image source: Steve Simpson

#18 My Barcode Is A Surfer

Image source: groteskimage

#19 The Barcode On My Cereal Is A Table With A Bowl Of Cereal On Top

Image source: AlkoholfreierTequila

#20 The Bar Code On This Shampoo Bottle

Image source: Maleven87

#21 Graters Gonna Grate

Image source: intrepidzephyr

#22 Grass Like Barcode On Arla Lactofree* Milk Carton

Image source: Ioangogo

#23 The Barcode On My Chicken-Free Strips

Image source: brianala

#24 Death Wish Coffee Co

Image source: kylefrost

#25 X-Wings On Coffeemate Creamer

Image source: BarcodeBabe

#26 I Think I Got A Little Too Excited When I Saw These Barcodes

Image source: o_ojess

#27 Curtains

Image source: BarcodeBabe

#28 Beer Can Barcode Is A Beer Can

Image source: SoftServeMeat

#29 This Liquid Soap Package

Image source: marincel

#30 This Bottle Of Tall Horse Chardonnay Has Long Necked Giraffes In The Barcode

Image source: GuardianOfRedwall

#31 I Think All Bar Codes Should Be Like This

Image source: AndrewEire

#32 The Cow On This Beef Jerky Packet Is Eating The Barcode

Image source: butthurtpants

#33 Laundry Detergent Barcode

Image source: phucuda

#34 The Barcode On My Bag Of Crisps Is A Tiger In Long Grass

Image source: TopTrumpWANKER

#35 This Barcode For A Salsa In Texas Is A Chili Pepper

Image source: Flance

#36 A Zebra Barcode On My Daughter’s Book

Image source: boho_chic

#37 This Is How You Integrate A Barcode Into Your Product Design

Image source: pocket_sumo

#38 While We’re Doing Cool Barcodes. Here’s The One On My Einstein’s Energy Bar

Image source: quaz4r

#39 Clever Barcode Design On Noodle Pot

Image source: HarvesterG

#40 This Cereal Box’s Barcode

Image source: spots10784

#41 Inca Inspired Illustrated Barcode

Image source: Steve Simpson

#42 Barcode On My Baking Powder

Image source: tkubik

#43 The Barcode On My Shaving Soap

Image source: fitengy

#44 Barcode Vodka

Image source: Flameknight

#45 The Illuminati Is Watching You

Image source: TheOfficialKrome

#46 Reading On The Packaging Of A Sleeve For The Kindle Fire

Image source: MonsterReject

#47 The Barcode On This Bottle Of Bourbon Is A Barrel

Image source: gr33nss

#48 The Barcode On This Cup Of Soup Is A Pot Of Soup

Image source: saltshaft

#49 Barcode Of My Toilet Paper Pack Is In The Shape Of Toilet Paper

Image source: NSFeaster

#50 This Barcode On A Pack Of Baby Spinach

Image source: sukchau


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