30 Mind-Blowing Sceneries Showing Nature Needs No Filters

Published 2 years ago

Mother Earth is so beautiful that sometimes words are not enough to describe her magnificence. There’s a reason artists get attracted to landscapes and paint them on canvas – the beauty is worth capturing.

Although any painting or photo can’t capture the true essence of Earth’s breathtaking beauty, we mortals try our best to do so. If you’ve ever witnessed scenic beauty on one of your trips, or if you live in a beautiful setting, you probably know that the real experience is just out of the world. However, seeing a photo of sceneries is no less satisfactory. Check out some of the most beautiful scenes people captured on Earth in the gallery below, and dive into the wonderful serene beauty that needs no filter at all.

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#1 Cornwall, England. View From My Window This Morning

Image source: roskolewis

#2 Stuðlagil Canyon, Iceland

Image source: feel_se

#3 A View From The “Backyard” Of My Great Grandparents House In Kenya

Image source: UrVibingHomie

#4 Bovec, Slovenia!

Image source: elmaryco

#5 Went To Niagara Falls And Was Shocked To Discover That The Best View Was From Our Hotel Room

Image source: damnit__scully

#6 Beautiful Sunset In Washington

Image source: CoastingwithCas

#7 A Giraffe

Image source: BizCaus

#8 Taken With A Phone Out Of My Hotel Window In Venice

Image source: Roadkill80

#9 View Outside The Window In Positano, A Hillside Village On The Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy

Image source: ManiaforBeatles

#10 Hiked From Mexico To Canada This Year Via The CDT. This Was One Of My Favorite Shots. Big Sandy Lake, Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA

Image source: TheLostAlaskan

#11 The View From My $9 A Night Hostel In The Mountains Of Peru, Featuring A Very Good Boy

Image source: ObamasLoveChild

#12 My Parent’s Back Porch In Autumn

Image source: devilsbronco

#13 Visited Sørvágsvatn In The Faroe Islands And Proceeded To Have My Socks Knocked Off

Image source: BeardedMillenial

#14 The View From My Mom’s Back Porch

Image source: SparkleLush

#15 Was Treated To This View From My Kitchen. Thanks Universe

Image source: musicaldec

#16 Skipped Torres Del Paine In Patagonia And Camped Near Fitz Roy Instead – This Was Our View, And Barely Anyone Else Was In The Campground

Image source: caliform

#17 In The Process Of Building My Dream Home. This Is The View From The Kitchen Today

Image source: zappasaurus

#18 Morning Views From Clear Lake Butte Fire Lookout

Image source: amandaplzz

#19 Ben Nevis, Fort William, Scotland

Image source: PandyJ

#20 After A 2 Day Hike With Surreal Scenery, We Ran Into This In Lenk, Switzerland, Yet Pictures Don’t Make It Justice

Image source: Cababa

#21 Hiking In The Alps Near Courmayeur, Italy

Image source: Zhoutopia

#22 The First Campsite Of Our Trip… It’ll Do

Image source: sotseeker

#23 Lakes Trail In Seqouia National Park, Whiskey And A View

Image source: TakaguraDojo

#24 After 4 Days Of Trekking Over The Salkantay Pass To Get To Machu Picchu, I Woke Up Around 3:30 Am To Try To Get There Before The Rest Of The Tourists

Image source: feastandexist

#25 Took This Picture In The Sahara In Morocco

Image source: nanabananaboomboom

#26 An Island Off Of Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

Image source: Mortimer_Kahn

#27 Ginkaku-Ji, Kyoto, Japan

Image source: uncommonsence

#28 West Coast Of Norway Living Room View

Image source: Lillr

#29 I Just Hiked To The Second Tallest Waterfall In The World, Tugela Falls In South Africa

Image source: Thov

#30 Those Few Seconds That No One Passed This Way. Plitvice Lakes In Croatia Is Swamped By Tourists

Image source: beero79

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