Polaroid Camera Snaps And Prints Photos Instantly Without Ink

Published 9 years ago

“Polaroid” is synonymous with instantly printed photos, and Polaroid Snap is the newly announced addition to the family, in a more economical package. In the days of yore, before digital photography was a widespread thing, people had take these “film” things to photo stores to develop and pick at a later date. Crazy, right? Polaroid cameras, however, squeezed the picture out instantly.

The Snap camera will use ZINK technology to print without ink, with a special crystal-prepared paper and a matching, in-camera printer. Unfortunately, unlike it’s earlier, beefier brother,  it doesn’t have a screen, only a pop-up optical viewfinder. And there’s no zoom, either, but it comes with a 10 second selfie timer, and all of your 10 megapixel pictures will be saved on an SD card. Polaroid Snap will be available at the end of the year, retailing at about $99.

(h/t: mashable)

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