35 People Who Shrugged Off Things Saying “That’s Not My Job”, As Shared Online

Published 7 months ago

In a world where responsibilities and tasks are often compartmentalized, some go above and beyond their designated roles, refusing to be confined by the phrase “That’s not my job.” These unsung heroes demonstrate an exceptional commitment to excellence, proving that a sense of responsibility transcends job descriptions.

Shared on ‘Not My Job’ subreddit, here are some heartwarming and inspiring stories of individuals who shrugged off the limitations of their roles and embraced a broader definition of duty.

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#1 Clothing Display Done Boss!

Image source: inste0

Ty Stratton-Quirk : “I swear I saw something like this in ‘The Sixth Sense’!”

#2 Apparently 2 City Planners In My Jome Town Hated Each Other. We Call Them The Slant Streets

Image source: Patsthlm

Lydsylou (she/her) : “I don’t think anyone can truly understand how much this picture annoys me. Sure have your stupid argument but DON’T RUIN MY NICE STRAIGHT LINES”

Amir Ahmed Asif : “Taking diagonal streets helps save time. Map companies are happy 😊”

#3 Which Monday?

Image source: samuelft1979

Lydsylou (she/her) : “Everyone is best before Monday.”

#4 Downloaded That Image And Added It To The Packaging Boss

Image source: dataisok

MasonF 2991 : “how?????”

Rebekah Krause : “Foreign manufacturer, nobody spoke English. Just got a link to packaging information.”

#5 I Hope They Have A Poop Knife

Image source: ikvindhelemaaalmooi

Donkey boi : “S**t’s about to go down! Wait… Maybe not.”

I agree with you but… : “For anyone who had forgotten, or never read, the poop knife story, here it is in all of it’s glory. Must be the 10th time I’ve read it, but it still has me in tears: https://www.reddit.com/r/MuseumOfReddit/comments/ke8skw/the_poop_knife/?utm_name=iossmf”

Nikole : “It’s only for farts”

#6 Not My Job To Add The Subtitles

Image source: blueskybtc

Alex Davis : “As a deaf person I rely on captions and you often see some very weird mistakes. Auto captions are the bane of my life, they can be very funny with mis hearing words but also means I miss out on what is being said. I’m ‘lucky’ that I used to be hearing, so know what words sounds like so can say the wrong sentence/ word in my head and try and work out what it was meant to say. Those who are deaf from birth can’t. I wish more video content creators would add human written captions to their videos. Doesn’t just help those who can’t hear, but also those watching in public with no headphones and those who speak that language as a second language.”

#7 Yep Lockers Are Done Boss. What Do You Mean There Is A Problem?

Image source: Previous_Reporter_63

Astrophile : “Hey! Occupado!”

MaximumKarmaSaint : “Is this the reason why some schools have gaps in between the rows of lockers? Where there’s just wall?”

#8 Hungary Received 170k Euros From Eu Fund To Build A Tree Top Walk. Unfortunately The Forest Was Cut Down Before The Walkway Was Completed

Image source: mandmi

Marla : “They needed wood for the walk”

#9 Those Are Two Separate Meats

Image source: Aidey5510

Mike Rodrick : “Pork boobs from Turkey?”

#10 Published The Headline, Boss

Image source: Mickwillie

sbj : “He’ll be good in a rainstorm”

Lydsylou (she/her) : “I like to use long words I don’t understand. It makes me feel very photosynthesis”

#11 Printed The Name Of The Author

Image source: rant24-7

Corvus : “How sweet, the character wrote a book about his own author.”

#12 Installed Those TV’s In The Headrests!

Image source: TaurineCrinoid783

Astrophile : “Perfect for the eyes in the back of my head :)”

#13 I Picked The Elephant Picture Boss

Image source: Mikefrommke

troufaki13 : “No, YOU learn!”

#14 Made The Name Tags For The Conference, Boss

Image source: SandiPsych

Esist Nosrep : “Whats up with your nails boss?”

Duncan : “Probably Sandi Mann. Probably Psychologist.”

#15 Everything Is Fine Boss

Image source: sadPigeon18

Corvus : “I have a strong feel this photo was taken in Bulgaria (based on the appearance of the electric switchboard and the sidewalk tiles).”

#16 Shower Vent Installed, Boss!

Image source: lixjl7

Ace : “Took me a second…”

#17 Installed The Water Faucet, Boss

Image source: CoolJabez0404

Mint Sauce : “So close and yet, so far!!!!”

#18 Made The Sign Boss

Image source: KevinWoodsf

EmiTheEpic : “Attention you are not our trollies”

Caramello : “”Attention students, you are allowed not to take our to help trollies you move.” — A bit of Yoda at the end :P”

#19 This Kind Of Belongs Here

Image source: Grufffinance15

Superb Owl : “They just misread it as “No, more plastic”.”

#20 My Contract Never Stated I Had To Move Rocks Away. Thank You Very Much

Image source: ZeCerealKiller

Astrophile : “I support this malicious compliance”

#21 I Posted The Job Offer Boss

Image source: Kadus500

Anyone-for-tea? : “Maybe this wasn’t a mistake and someone thought they’d name and shame Arthur Grand Technologies!”

#22 Proof Read The Article, Boss

Image source: redisthemagicnumber

Corvus : “Imagine if it were “the rapist” :D”

#23 Cool Cake!

Image source: jmvbmw

80 Van : “They did a very good job recreating it, though.”

Bill Swallow : “Next time, *Print* the photo and give the bakery the hardcopy image.”

#24 Finished Putting Up The Sign Boss

Image source: vf8bd2_sfsf

Antonia : “If only someone would be smart enough to put on an extra “D”…”

#25 Fixed Bridge, Boss

Image source: Leandropr

Donkey boi : “Anyone know where this is? I have a hacksaw and an impulse to do stupid things.”

#26 It’s Fine. This Is Fine

Image source: [deleted]

Lydsylou (she/her) : “Wow! That’s an artistic masterpiece”

Queeqec : “Why is there a hole in the back of his head (on the photo, not on the colorful diarrhea)”

#27 Weather Update Posted Boss

Image source: mad_shad123

Astrophile : “Tomorrow: Apocalypse”

#28 Cr*ppy Submission:

Image source: dbnp19

Anyone-for-tea? : “Sounds like a shìtty idea.”

#29 Ok What The F**k

Image source: Aztery

James016 : “It looks like they used chocolate”

Blue Bunny of Happiness : “An attempt was made”

#30 They Just Installed These New Bins At My Work

Image source: dandilyPollute

Astrophile : “Well. That’s depressing.”

#31 Got You All Wired Up, Sir

Image source: oomenya333

Marla : “For master level hula hoopers”

#32 Made The Warning Label Boss

Image source: Jazzlike_Sport_1417

Barbara Marsh : “Was the person who wrote it having a stroke at the time?”

#33 So Which Eye Did He Injure?

Image source: dohmniq

HTakeover : “Wasn’t your mole over there yesterday?” “I have a mole?!”

#34 Programmed The Sign, Boss

Image source: loki2002

XenoMurph : “Dangerous crows”

#35 A Fork In The Road

Image source: animatorguy2

The Original Bruno : “Someone listened to Yogi Berra, Yankees catcher, alleged koan philosopher and ursine inspiration: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!””

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