Off beat places to see in Delhi

Published 8 years ago

Delhi is a kingdom in itself. The city of joy is buzzing with activity and fun during all times of the year. Be it the chilly winters or the hot summers, the romantic monsoons or the colourful spring, every season is beautiful in Delhi, every place is a must visit here. Anyone who wants to understand the history and culture of Delhi, one day is not enough. But if you are busy, you can always opt for one day trips from Delhi which cover all the important places to be seen.

Let us look in to a few offbeat places in and around Delhi that most people do not tell you about, but are worth a visit.

Crafts museum –

If you love arts and crafts, this is one place that you should not skip. The crafts museum in Pragati Maidan is located on the Bhairon road. You can walk through out the large campus and see how the artisans demonstrate the traditional forms of Indian handicrafts. There are many forms of handicrafts such as pottery, embroidery, weaving and carving. There are more than 20,000 displays that are from all over the country which are displayed in the galleries of the. There is also a lovely café where you can grab a bite.

Qawwali –

Qawwali is a very soothing musical type that is a great form of relaxing. Sufism is to be experienced to have a complete experience of art and culture. There are many mosques in Delhi where qawwali are sung. On some very special occasions, it is a common sight to see qawwali performances in the courtyard of the Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah situated in the Nizamuddin west Delhi. Go into a Sufi trance and enjoy India’s ethnicity. Do not forget to dress conservatively to such places. You may also be required to cover your head with a cloth. Other mosques include Dargah of Bakhtiyar Kaki at Mehrauli, Ashiq Allah Dargah also in Mehrauli, Chirag Dilli near Greater Kailash.

Jamali Kamali Mosque –

Tired of culture and monuments? Here is something spooky for your thrilling journey in delhi. There are many haunted places in Delhi and many people swear that they have seen strange things happening here. Some have even seen ghosts. Now, how true the stories are, no one knows. We can only say this much these places are worth a try. Who knows, an old soul may say hi to you. The Jamali Kamali Mosque and tomb in Mehrauli, is quite famous as a haunted place. And there is also the Nicholson cemetery in civil lines along with the Malcha Mahal in malcha. The Agrasen Ki Bauli in Chandni Chowk has seen many suicides which make it a haunted lace.

This is the Delhi city tour that everyone must experience. There is so much culture, diversity, warmth in the places and the people you find here. The city welcomes adventurers and when you are leaving back, your heart will be filled with wonderful memories that you will treasure for years to come.

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