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Russian Artist Illustrates What Would Happen If Famous Characters Got Old, And Deadpool Is Still Up To No Good

Published 12 months ago

They say legends never die – but they do get old, right? Well, have you ever thought how your favorite movie characters or superheroes would look like if they got old?

Russian artist Lesya Guseva imagined just that – in a series of illustrations called “Pensioners” she took famous Marvel, DC and Disney characters and gave them a makeover, turning them into seniors. The witty illustrations show the characters enjoying their lives as normal old people, finally getting some well-deserved rest. From tracksuit wearing Flash to knitting Spider-man – Lesya thought of everything.

Check out her hilarious illustrations in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | h/t

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#1 Thor

Image source: Lesya Guseva

#2 The Flash

Image source: Lesya Guseva

#3 Supergirl And Wonder Woman

Image source: Lesya Guseva

#4 Catwoman

Image source: Lesya Guseva

#5 Harley Quinn

Image source: Lesya Guseva

#6 Joker

Image source: Lesya Guseva

#7 Ariel

Image source: Lesya Guseva

#8 Deadpool

Image source: Lesya Guseva

#9 Spider-Man

Image source: Lesya Guseva

#10 Batman

Image source: Lesya Guseva

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