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17-Year-Old Stanley Kubrick’s Photos From 1940s New York Reveal That He Was Always A Genius

Published 10 months ago

Before Stanley Kubrick sat in the director’s chair of arguably some of the best movies ever made like “2001: Space Odyssey” or “The Shining,” he was a simple teenager in New York looking for a job. But even then, when the 17-year-old got his hands on a photo camera, he couldn’t hide the talent inside of him.

Here we have a collection of his photos captured on the streets of New York from 1945 to 1950, when he was working in the Look magazine. It was a time when Stanley learned what makes photography work: “I think aesthetically recording spontaneous action, rather than carefully posing a picture, is the most valid and expressive use of photography.”

He quickly gained recognition for the ability to tell stories through photos, which eventually led him to movies and his place in the filmmakers’ hall of fame.

And if you’re wondering how to turn your photos into a career, let Stanley himself give you an advice: “Think up ideas for stories, go out and shoot them, and then send them into the magazines. I was lucky; I figured that out when I was young.”

(h/t: vintage everyday, boredpanda)

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#1 Walking The Streets Of New York, 1946

Image source: Stanley Kubrick

#2 Student At Columbia University, 1948

Image source: Stanley Kubrick

#3 Couple Sleeping In A Subway Car, 1940s

Image source: Stanley Kubrick

#4 Girl With A Lipstick, 1940

Image source: Stanley Kubrick

#5 Couple, 1940

Image source: Stanley Kubrick

#6 Shoe Shine Boy, 1940

Image source: Stanley Kubrick

#7 High Wire Act, 1948

Image source: Stanley Kubrick

#8 Dogs In A Convertible, 1949

Image source: Stanley Kubrick

#9 Self Portrait With Showgirl Rosemary Williams, 1948

Image source: Stanley Kubrick

#10 People On Escalators In A Subway Station, 1940

Image source: Stanley Kubrick


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