12 Remarkable Everyday Items That Have Survived For Centuries

Published 11 months ago

Throughout human history, countless objects have been created to fulfill our everyday needs. While most of these items perish with time, a select few have managed to withstand the test of time, offering glimpses into the distant past.

Today, we have collected some of the oldest surviving examples of everyday things that have managed to survive through centuries. From the oldest shoe to the oldest condom, scroll below to see some ancient things revealing remarkable insights into the lives of our ancestors.

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#1 Oldest Brassiere (500 Years Old)

Image source: theatlantic.com

“This bra was used between 1390 and 1485 in Austria. Earlier historical descriptions for “breast bags” do exist, but they had never been seen.”

#2 Oldest Socks (1,500 Years Old)

Image source: wikipedia.org

“These Egyptian wool socks, designed to go with sandals, were knitted between 300 and 499 AD and found in the 19th century.”

#3 Oldest “Flush” Toilets (2,000 Years Old)

Image source: chroniclesoflindsay.blogspot.com

“Ephesus, an ancient city in Turkey, had “flushing” toilets. Running water below the seats carried waste away into a nearby river.”

#4 Oldest Sunglasses (800 Years Old)

Image source: Old Canada Series

“The world’s oldest sunglasses were discovered on Baffin Island in Canada. They were snow goggles, designed to reduce the sun’s glare reflecting from the snow.”

#5 The Oldest Recorded Melody (3,400 Years Old)

Image source: ancientlyre.com

“The oldest surviving written melody was found in Ugarit, which is now part of Northern Syria. The music was written for the lyre.”

#6 Oldest Pants (3,300 Years Old)

Image source: M Wagner/German Archaeological Institute

“The oldest pair of pants in the world is 3,300 years old, and it was found in Western China.”

#7 Oldest Shoe (5,500 Years Old)

Image source: nationalgeographic.com

“This 5,500-year-old cowhide moccasin was found in a cave in Armenia, preserved by grass and dry sheep dung. The left shoe was not found.”

#8 Oldest Prosthetic (3,000 Years Old)

Image source: bbc.com

“This 3,000-year-old prosthetic was used to help someone in Egypt walk again. Tests carried out with a replica proved that it was a working, practical prosthetic, not just a cosmetic one.”

#9 Oldest Condom (370 Years Old)

Image source: genreauthor.blogspot.com

“This sheepskin condom was used in 1640 in Sweden. The reusable condom came with instructions (in Latin) to clean it with warm milk to prevent users from catching STDs.”

#10 Oldest Written Recipe (5,000 Years Old)

Image source: hootersbutwithcats

“A Sumerian Beer recipe dating back to 3000 BC. The result beer is very strong and would contain chunks of bread floating around in it.”

#11 Oldest Globe (510 Years Old)

Image source: Washington Map Society

“This old globe was painstakingly etched into the surface of an ostrich egg in Italy. Before its age and origin were verified, it had been sold to its current owner at a map fair in London in 2012.”

#12 Oldest Coin (2,700 Years Old)

Image source: fleur-de-coin.com

“The oldest known coin was found in the ancient Hellenic city of Efesos in Turkey. Its one (and only) decorated side features a lion’s head.”

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