Self-Taught Painter Upcycled A Porthole To Make An Amazing Maritime Landscape

Published 2 years ago

Adam Stevens, a self-taught painter, has created a beautiful ‘open sea’ painting inside an old porthole. The artist who has learned to paint with the aid of YouTube videos has captured the essence of being inside a ship with his mesmerizing oil painting that shows the ocean and the sky merging into each other.

“I started painting in 2019,” he tells DeMilked in an interview. “I lost my father a few years ago to cancer. After that loss, I was having severe anxiety and panic attacks, and I desperately needed an outlet. I always loved watching Bob Ross, but had never picked up a paint brush. I threw my first attempt in the trash can out of frustration. My wonderful wife urged me to try again.” “After the second attempt, I was hooked. I attest my largest jump in skill and enjoyment of painting to learning from Andrew Tischler,” he added. Check out his wonderful porthole painting in the gallery below.

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Image source: Adam Stevens

The artist mentioned that he has always loved water. “I love the idea of being out in the open ocean with nothing around you, especially at night. It brings a sort of peace and fear all at the same time. I thought a physical porthole acting as the frame would increase the illusion.”

Image source: Adam Stevens

“Everything around me inspires me. I drive a lot for work, and I’m constantly slamming on my brakes and pulling over if I see an interesting or pretth scene. I keep my Sony DSLR in my passenger seat,” says Adam.

Image source: Adam Stevens

“I love finding the beauty in every day scenes, such as barns or fields. When I’m able to capture on canvas that feeling and mood that I experienced on site, it’s just an unexplainable feeling.”

Image source: Adam Stevens

Image source: Adam Stevens

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